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A soap opera is a drama series aired on television or radio. Every episode typically ends with a promise to continue the story in the next episode; most of the time, the episode’s ending is a cliffhanger.

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Does Ashley Benson have a sister?

Yes, she has an older sister named Shaylene Benson.
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Who is luke Spencers sister on general hospital?

Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer
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Is Kristian Alfonso pregnant?

Nope, she's not pregnant.
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Is Cain of the Young and Restless really dead?

I think he is still alive because I think him and Blake are setting Collin up lol hope so :) ...
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Is Cane really dead on the Young and Restless?

No way is Cane dead. Katherine has assisted him in catching Colin in his lies and evilness. Hope they tie up this story line soon. Cane is too important to the show. ...
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Is chance dead on the young and the restless?

YES. I saw the final segment of the young and the restless on Friday September 17th 2010. It revealed that he is going into witness protection. He mentioned he may never be able to come back. ...
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How many people watch soap operas worldwide?

I think that about 5.3 million people.
Kevin Stringer asked in Soap Operas, Television and Video, Drama and Acting, Ask Me Anything

Answers with Camila Banus?

What causes or organizations are you most passionate about? A cause very important to me is suicide prevention; so the charity I am passionate about is The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I have a very personal attachment to that cause and we can really save lives. We just have to talk it out!...
Kevin Stringer asked in Soap Operas, Television and Video, Ask Me Anything, Celebrities

Answers with Karla Mosley?

What are the nonprofits Covenant House My Friend's Place and why is it important to you? 6 years ago I started working with homeless youth at Covenant House. The work they do domestically to take kids of the street and Internationally (and domestically as well) with trafficked youth is unbelievable. I also learned so much from the president, Kevin Ryan, about compassion and business - the two can go hand and hand. He has a way...
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Is donde esta elisa based on a true story?

Donde Esta Elisa is not a true story, however, it was inspired by events surrounding the disappearance of 4-year-old Madeleine McCann. While real live events were used as inspiration for the telenovela (soap opera), Donde Esta Elisa is a completely fictional story. ...
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Who is dying in coronation street?

I have heard that ashley, molly and 1 other are being killed by the tram and john stape murders charlotte but im not sure if corrie have changed this as it wasnt sposed to get out who is dying! I have heard Molly, and as she has told Tyrone he's not the father, Kevin owns up and him and Sally bring up the baby! I also reckon maybe Graeme, Charlotte and Ashley ...
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Does xavier from home and away die?

looks like it <- Not true
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Who played grace's husband in will and grace?

Harry Connick Jr. played the character of Leo, Grace's husband.
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What is the citizen tv Kenya soap opera that is aired every monday to Friday at 8.00pm-9.00pm?

The Citizen TV Kenya soap opera aired from Monday to Friday at 8.00 pm-9.00 pm is "IN THE NAME OF LOVE". ...
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Who is the boy who currently plays Noah on The Young And The Restless not the one who played him before 2003?

Kevin Schmidt: ...
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What is Deirdre's surname on Coronation Street?

Her maiden name was Hunt. Her first married name was Langton. Her second and fourth married names is Barlow. Her third married name was Rachid. ...
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Why do nuns watch soap operas?

News to me, unless ( intelligence gathering) for those teaching CCD ( like Sunday school classes). the more restrictive or cloistered orders would ban TV except possiblu for religious programs- and educational use in the classrooms- such things as Channel l3 and more prosaically documentaries, space shots, etc. ( watergate) Nuns normally do not watch TV! ...
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Who played Nicholas on general hospital?

Nikolas Cassadine is played by Tyler Christopher.
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Who plays Gina on Home And Away?

Sonia Todd plays the role of Gina Austin in "Home and Away"