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Yes it is.

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Q: Is Monroe college in New York a good school?
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Is Monroe Community College a good college?

Any community college is a good school. You can save a great deal of money taking classes that transfer to a more expensive school or you can finish a great deal of associates degrees.

Is California college a good school?

is californis college a good school

What school do you have to go after college to be a vet?

well its your decision you dont HAVE to go to a school if you dont want to, in new york a good top 10 school would be vetenarian started college its really good it focuses on studies and i would prefer to go to it

What good universities offer good medical laser training in New York?

There are a few universities that offer good medical laser training in New York. The college that stuck out to me was the NYU school of medicine's cosmetic laser training. Another college is allied health schools.

What is a good vet school in or around New York City?

There is only one college of veterinary medicine in New York, Cornell University, in Ithaca, NY.

Is college of Staten Island a good school?

Lol, I go to this school atm. The College of Staten island is a good school, don't worry.

Coimbatore school of business is good college?

Obviously it will be the good college i think.

Is Capitol College a good school?

Yes, Capitol College is a good school because it is accredited and offers a variety of degrees.

What are sone good rowing schools in new york near manhattan Like high schools?

There are a few good high schools in New York that are located near Manhattan. Some of the big schools in that area are Baruch College Campus High School, The Browning High School and Cascades High School.

Is day waterman college a good school?

it is a dream college

Is Paine college a good school?

Its a school that challenges you to grow!

Is pritzker college prep a good high school?

Yes is a good school but also very strict