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No. You'd be mad to build a city near it.

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Where is mt helka located?

I don't know that MT Helka exists but, I found a MT. Hekla in Iceland.

Was Mt Hekla volcano?

Is Mt Hekla is a volcano

What type of volcano is Mt Hekla?

Mt hekla is a statovolcano

What kind of volcano is Hekla in Iceland?

Hekla is a stratovolcano.

How did the Hekla volcano in Iceland form?

how did hekla form

How did Mt Hekla get its name?

where did hekla get its name

What are the names of the plates that Mt Hekla are on?

Mt Hekla is on the Eurasion Plate and it is moving apart from the North American plate which made Hekla.

What are facts about Mt Hekla?

you can hike to the top of mount Hekla

What is a famous volcano in Iceland?


How tall is Mount Hekla?

Mount Hekla is a volcano in Iceland that is 1,491 meters high.

What is the largest volcano in Iceland?

Askja is the largest volcano in Iceland.Hekla.

What country is hekla volcano located?


What continent is the Hekla Volcano in?

Hekla Vlocanoe is Found In The Continent Of Europe Which Is Where Iceland,England,Wales,Ireland,Scotland,Republic Of Ireland,Spain,Italy And Italy Are also found. Hekla Mountain Is Found In Iceland.

Which is Iceland most active volcano?

Mount Hekla west coast of Iceland

What country is hekla volcano in?

iceland true fact

Volcano starts with the letter h?

· Hekla (Iceland)

What type of lava forms Hekla in Iceland?


What is the city closest to Mt Hekla?


What magma composition does Mt Hekla have?

my swagger

What is life like near mt hekla?


What volcano erupted in 1970?

Hekla Volcano in Iceland erupted in 1970.

What continent is the hekla volcano found in?

Iceland is considered part of Europe.

Why is Mt Hekla called the gateway to hell?

Mt. Hekla was called the "Gateway to Hell", after visitors during earlier centuries saw it's fiery eruptions. plus, it was believed to be satin's doorway

What is the nearest town or village to the hekla volcano in iceland?

Reykjavik it's a town

What is the closest town to mt hekla?

Leirubakka but I'm not 100% sure

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