Is Muslim a religion or Islam?

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Islam is a religion. Muslim is the follower of Islam religion.

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Q: Is Muslim a religion or Islam?
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Islam's - what are their religion?

muslim. Islam is the religion muslim's practice

Is Muslim a religon?

No. Islam is the Religion. A Muslim is someone who follows Islam. Example: I am a Muslim and Islam is my Religion.

Is muslum a religion?

No, (neither is Muslim for that) - Islam is the religion, Muslim is the foillower of Islam.

Why do people say Islam and Muslim both are religion?

Islam is the religion or faith but Muslim is the one who follows Islam religion.

Is the Islam religion the same as the Muslim religon?

The name of the religion is "Islam", a "Muslim" is a person who believes in Islam.

What is the differencebetween Islam and Muslim?

Muslim is who is follower of Islam religion

What is the differnce between Islam and Muslim?

Islam is the Religion of Muslims. A Muslim is a person who follows Islam. Example: I am a Muslim so My Religion is Islam. Muslim is a Person. Islam is a Religion. It is the same as the difference of Christianity and Christians. Christianity is the Religion and a Christian is a person. A person who follows Christainity is a Christain.

What is massaris religion?

he is a muslim his religion is islam

What religion is Michael baisden?

He is Muslim. Islam is the religion; the term Muslim refers to the people who practice Islam.

Who found the religion Muslim?

a Muslim is someone who follows the religion Islam.

Is Islam the same thing as Muslim?

Islam is the religion & Muslim is the person who follows it.

Does Muslim and Islam mean the same thing?

Islam is the religion. A Muslim is someone who practices Islam.

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