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No. Islam is the Religion. A Muslim is someone who follows Islam.

Example: I am a Muslim and Islam is my Religion.

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What is the religon Muslim?

the religon of Muslims is Islam the religon of Muslims is Islam

What is akons religon?

He is a Muslim.

Is madhuri dixit Muslim?

No but she supports and respects the muslim religon. She is a hindu

What is Spain's major religon?

Muslim and Catholic.

What is Zayn Malik religon?

islam he is muslim

Can Hindu man marry Muslim woman without channging religon?

no because the Hindu man worships Hindu gods and Muslim women worship the one god Allah so they might have fight of what religon is better so it better if Muslim women marry Muslim men and Hindu men marry Hindu women that for no fight TIP:REMMEMBER THAT YOU CAN MARRY A HINDU MAN IF YOU Change RELIgon AnD YOU caN marrrY A MUSLIM WOMEN IF CHAnge REliGoN

What religon is Sudan?

70% of the sudanese people are Muslim, 30% are either Christian or some other religon

What is the main religon of Russia?

The main religon in Russia is orthodoxy. but a small amound (around 5%) are Muslim.

What is the French religon?

Christian, Muslim, atheist, etc.

What religon was Malcom x?

Malcom X was Muslim

What religon was Jesus born into?

yes, jesus was muslim.

What is the differences of Islam and Muslim?

There is no diffrence it is the same religon

What is the Philippines religon?

Mostly roman catholic and in mindanao its Muslim

Why Is Muhammad ali Muslim?

Cause his parents are and its a special religon

What is the primary religon in Chad?

muslim is the main religion in Chad

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