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Is MySQL free for corporate use?

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Yes it is free for corporate use.

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What do I need to do to make PHP and MySQL work together?

Both are Open-source and free. The combination of PHP and MySQL gives unmet options to create just about any kind of website - from small contact form to large corporate portal.

Why are you required to use a MySQL database in PHP?

You don't. PHP does not required MySQL to function. But because PHP is one of the easiest language with more built-in functions than you would ever need, and MySQL is free and easy to manage; people often use them together :)

What is the cost of the MySQL database software?

It is free.

Can you use mysql instead of sql as backend?

Assuming you have MySQL installed on your server then yes.

Where can one find free MySQL database hosting?

I have seen many blog hosting sites but I garantee you this one is the best (Remove the space between l and y and copy and paste the link) bit.l y/3silV7L

Can you use MySQL on a Mac?

Yes. You can install a MySQL instance using homebrew or other installer packages

Why did Google change their database from Oracle to MySQL?

Google don't use Oracle or MySQL, they use their own database software known as Bigtable.

How do you retrieve 10 records from table in mysql?

For work with mysql database make use of software below to open/read/scan/export-import mysql data

How do you save to the mysql database with php?

You can either use PHP's built-in mysql functions (check for documentation on how to use it) or use a database abstraction like adoDB

How do you create a database using PHP?

After you connect your mysql server, you can use this mysql query: mysql_query("CREATE DATABASE DatabaseName");

Free source code on online examination using PHP and MySQL?


How do you put today's date into MySQL database?

Use: $todaysdate = date("d/m/y"); And then just send that to the MySQL database

How can you rename Database name in MySQL?

In MySQL, there is a special command for it: RENAME DATABASE x TO y However, if you are using MySQL version older than 5.1, you can't use this command. This command is only available for MySQL versions >= 5.1 See how to do it at the Related Links bellow!

How do you copy a database of mysql in wamp server from one computer to another?

You have several options: * copy the database files from mysql/data/<database_name> to a new mysql Installation * use mysqldump utility to export the data from your database and load it into the new mysql installation * setup replication

What are the advantages of MySQL over Oracle?

While MySQL does not have a true database engine it does perform well for small deployments. The advantage; its free. The disadvantages would take days to write.

What are the MySQL statements and their uses?

There are a large number of mysql statements, all with different results and outcomes. I'd recommend looking through a tutorial like to get a good idea of how to use them

How do you connect C offline application with the MySQL database placed at remote server?

We use an online MySQL database for both online and offline applications.

What host do you use when your MySQL database is on a separate server to your PHP scripts?

For the host you need to put the IP address of the MySQL server instead of localhost.

What does MySQL error number 1160 mean?

You got an error writing communication packets. Make use of application below to fix mysql errors

Where can I learn mysql and apache?

Apache and mysql are both very easy to install and tutorials can be found at Learning how to use them will take longer, however.

What is offered by MySQL Connect?

MySQL Connect is a conference that focuses on bringing together the community with MySQL experts. At the conference, you can learn from the pros about MySQL.

What are the 4 features of mysql?

MySQL are very fast and much reliable for any type of application.MySQL is very Lightweight application.MySQL command line tool is very powerful and can be used to run SQL queries against database.MySQL Supports indexing and binary objects.It is allow changes to structure of table while server is running.MySQL has a wide user base.It is a very fast thread-based memory allocation system.MySQL Written in C and C++ language.MySQL code is tested with different compilers.MySQL is available as a separate program for use in a client/server network environment.The MySQL available for the most Unix operating platform.MySQL are the available for window operating system window NT, window 95 ,and window 98.MySQL available for OS/2.Programming libraries for C, Python, PHP, Java , Delphi etc. are available to connect to MySQL database.

How many data types supported by MySQL?

Data types supported by MySQL are date and time data, numeric data, and byte data. Spatial data is another type supported by MySQL which includes the use of spatial extensions.

How do you connect sql with c?

That depends on the database you want to connect to. If you want to connect to a MySQL database, for instance, you can use the MySQL client libraries, which provide a set of functions you can use from a C program to connect to a MySQL server database. Or alternatively, you can use an ODBC driver to connect to any database (as long as you have the right driver installed).

Which websites use mysql?

Mysql is a database server that shorts things that we use on a website into tables, records, and databases. Imagine running Microsoft access or even filemaker on a website. That is at the very least what mysql does. Any website that uses wordpress (CMS), joomla (CMS), Moodle (LMS), Droopal (CMS) uses mysql as a database manager to store its data into organized fields. If you want an example, check Anderson cooper's website from CNN. Its a wordpress blog and that uses mysql engine to run the website. Usually blogs as use mysql as a database server to handle its data. To really summarize your question any website that's automatic and uses data inputted and exported by the users of the website would generally use Mysql as a means of organizing and placing these in a database.