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Yes, NASA owns all the successful Mars rovers.

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Where was the Mars rover invented?

The mars rover was invented at Nasa.

Who made the mars curiosity rover?

NASA invented the Mars curiosity Rover

Who invented the Mars rovers?

there is only one mars rover and NASA invented the mars rover.

Why did they made the Mars rover?

NASA made the mars rover probably because they want to learn about Mars.

Who put the Rover on Mars?

The Mars Pathfinder rover and the Mars Exploration Rovers (MERs) were both 'put' there by NASA

What is the name of the rover nasa sent to mars?

Recently, Curosity is sent to Mars.

Who has been to Mars?

No human has been to Mars to date. NASA has sent Mars rovers. You can view images from the rover on the NASA web site.

Who sent the first Land Rover to mars?

The first martian rover was the Sojoner rover by NASA (US)

Where can someone see pictures of the Mars Rover?

You can see pictures of the rover on the official NASA website. It has various picture galleries. The NASA website also offers status updates and press releases about the Mars Rover.

Who invented Mars rover?

mark harbonson is the first person to invent Mar's rover. Mark Hoboson is a british murderer:p NASA invented the mars rover

Who built the mars rover sojourner?

The rover was built by the NASA Telerobotics Program. The mission was controlled by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

How does NASA control rover on mars?

By sophisticated remote controls located in the Aerospace center in NASA.

When did Mars rover launch?

On June 30, 2005 both NASA rovers were launched to mars

Where was the mars rover discovered?

Well, the Mars Rover wasn't really discovered. It was invented. That was on July 4,1997 in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory which is in NASA.

Why did NASA built the mars rover?

explore terrain and look for water

Do the militaries had flew to mars?

People have not flown to Mars yet but NASA does have a rover on the planet with the name of "Curiosity."

Are mars rovers controlled your man?

they are controlled by the NASA they make the rover move

When was the first successful landing of a Mars rover?

The NASA mission "Mars Pathfinder"delivered the first successful rover, called Sojourner, to the surface on July 4, 1997.

Does Mars have winds?

Yes it does,dust storms impeded nasa rover deployed there in 2004 .

What is NASA's rover Curiosity?

It is a rover that Nasa created to analyse Mars: To see if there was or is any water there, to see if life could be sustainable for human beings on mars, and to see if life did or does exist.

What are the names of the rovers that traveled to mars?

The only rover that travelled in mars is ROVER CURIOSITY, designed and launched by NASA. Edit: No, there have been others. The main ones were called "Opportunity" and "Spirit"

What does a Mars rover do on Mars?

It explores the surface of mars and it is a robot like feature. It shows the surface of mars and the NASA people can see what is happening on mars. They're seeing if there are traces of water too.

What did NASA got in Mars?

What did nasa got in mars?" What did nasa got in mars?"

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