Is Nathan kress Jewish?

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No, on his MySpace profile he stated he was Christian in his blog.

Who is Nathan Kress?

Nathan Kress is a seventeen-year-old actor from Southern California, and he is best known for the role of Fredward "Freddie" Benson in Nickelodeon's "iCarly." He's a good actor and is close friends with his co-hosts, Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay), Jennette McCurdy (Samantha "Sam" Puckett) and Jerry ( Full Answer )

How can you meet Nathan Kress?

You can go to his official site over at and stay posted on updates if he will be in a area near you! His twitter account is Bruindude92. These are the only two sites that are official.

Who does Nathan Kress like?

Well, a lot of people as friends, but doesn't "like" like anyone at the moment.

How Do you Get A Date With Nathan Kress?

Well you can go on twitter or Facebook @nathankress and its possible he'll anwser back! Hope he says yes to anyone who's out there evently

Can Nathan Kress drive?

Yes he can. On his twitter account, bruindude92, he stated that he has just purchased his favorite car, a 2010 Camaro.

Is Nathan kress dating someone?

his personal life as in "his girlfriend" is his and her choice to share with the world. I am going to leave it at that, if you know the answer GREAT but maybe you shouldn't add that here.

What fansites does Nathan Kress have?

He does not have a personal email that he gives out, but his fansite is There are MANY posers so be careful. His avatar is a picture of him holding up his actual myspace salute with the correct site on it. His verified twitter account is nathankress. His offi ( Full Answer )

Does Nathan kress have webkinz?

It is not polite to say someones name on the computer or else some bad guy will get to his info.

Is Nathan kress Asian?

Some people think Nathan come from Asian descent, but he is actually German, Irish, and Scottish. The surname Kress comes from German descent. .

Is Nathan Kress Real?

Yes Nathan Kress is real since he had played a lead character onthe show iCarly; Fredward "Freddie" Benson.

Do you like Nathan kress?

I bet that lots of people like his acting. He is a great actor. It depends on who you are. Some girls like him, others like him, but don't "like like" him. Like I said. Depends on the person and their opinion.

Who is Nathan kress girlfriend?

He's acutally not dating anybody at the moment. He's good friends with Jenette and Miranda, but nobody special yet.

Can Nathan Kress kiss good?

Well, that's a very strange question, and the only way to find out would be to actually kiss him, which probably isn't going to happen.

Does Nathan kress sing?

he can sing,but,if you heard the icarly theme song you can hear him sing!he is so good! at above.. the one singing in the theme song is actually drake bell... yea...

Does Nathan Kress have a crush?

Rumors regarding his dating co-stars Jennette and Miranda are false. They are all just good friends! He prefers to keep the details of his personal life private both for his protection and also for the young lady he is dating!

How did Nathan Kress become an actor?

The description in his current WikipediA page pretty much tells the story. He started doing some modeling when he was very young (3 years old), did character voices for Babe: Pig in the City , basically backed off from age 6-11 with some infrequent post production sound work for various movies an ( Full Answer )

What is Nathan Kress nationality?

Nathan Kress is Asian, Iranian, Sinlahese and Bangladeshi. ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ර ච( Full Answer )

Does Nathan Kress work out?

I'm not absolutely sure, but he does look a lot buffer. Yeah, he does, it says on his twitter account, @NathanKress.

Does Nathan kress drive?

As of September 3rd, 2009, Nathan has had his liscence, so yes, he does drive. ~NK Obsessed

Who is Nathan kress mom?

His mother's name was Rita Kress and he has two brother named Andrew and Kevin Kress.

Nathan kress in drake and josh?

he is playing as someone called Toplin. Hes doesn't talk..when someone says welcome to the party, he just claps in the background....

Who do Nathan kress like?

Nathan prefers to keep his personal life private for his own protection and also for the protection of the young lady he dates!

What are Nathan Kress Parent names?

Nathan Kress is an actor from the television series "iCarly. " Hismom's name is Rita Kress and his dad's name is Steven Kress.

Is Nathan Kress engaged?

No, the ring he wears on his left hand is a purity ring. See his blog on his for more info on that.

Is Nathan kress smart?

Yes he is u stupid pplz! if u watch icarly den u'll know dat he is smart.

Is Nathan Kress a lefty?

Yes, Nathan Kress is left handed. Nathan Kress is an actor who hasappeared various TV shows such as iCarly.

How tall is Nathan kress from iCarly?

Nathan Kress is 5'5, despite listings of 5'6 or 5'7 on some websites. If you actually look at pictures of him standing next to Miranda Cosgrove (who is 5'6), he's about an inch shorter than her (and that is without Cosgrove wearing heels).

Where is Nathan kress ticklish at?

Nathan Kress is a well known actor. He was also a model when he wasyounger. Nathan has never mentioned if he is ticklish in anyinterviews.

Is Nathan kress a good singer?

nathan kress hasn't sang much on iCarly. On youtube videos, he's never sang, but in iGotAHotRoom, at the end, after the commercial break, Nathan, Miranda, and Jennette did songs of the iCarly theme song, Leave it all to me which is originally by Miranda Cosgrove and Drake Bell from Dake and Josh. Na ( Full Answer )

Is Nathan Kress going to college?

Nathan has graduated from high school as of this writing. While iCarly is still in production, he cannot go to a four-year college but plans to take online courses.

Does Nathan kress have a account?

No he does not. His only official fansites are and (and that is a verified account) Beware posers on facebook, youtube and other sites.

Does Nathan kress love Miranda?

Well, yes as a co star in I-Carly. Nathan Kress doesn't like Miranda as a girlfriend though.

Does Nathan Kress have a job?

Yes. Nathan Kress is an actor and co-stars in the Nickelodeon TV show, iCarly. He plays Freddy Benson.

What brand is Nathan kress' watch?

the one he wheres on icarly is definitely a timex watch (number T44082) and i think the black one he sometimes wheres maybe a timex too (it's possibly Timex T49806)

Is Nathan kress gay?

No, he has not made any public or confirmed declaration that he is gay. Well i was on kids on demand and i went on kabillion and went on something called fanlala and i clicked 1 on 1 show (nathan kress and doug). they was both talking and they was acting gay so i dont know if hes gay but i think ( Full Answer )

Has Nathan Kress date before?

Nathan prefers to keep his dating life private for his own protection and also for the young lady he dates!

Is Nathan Kress a Democrat or a Republican?

Nathan is a Democrat like most nickelodeon stars..even on an I Carly episode with the first lady on icarly, Nathan said "I voted for your husband." but this is still acting but he is in real life a democrat

Is Nathan kress a republican?

Oh I would have to put a no to this one I have never met him inperson but I happen to beleive that Mr. Obama is big in Hollywoodto a good chunk of celbs out there but in my opinion it really doesnot matter and whatever it is we must remember to each his own.

Does Nathan Kress have kids?

Yes he does. - Kirana Elizabeth Kress - Maria Nicole Kress - Marie Taylor Kress - Baliee Madison Kress - Jaden Jerry Kress - Jaynn Jennette Kress

Why did Nathan kress grew a beard?

Because he is a mature man, he does whatever he likes to do, if he would like to shave his pubes off then he shaves off, if he would like let it grow then let it grow, we can't intervene with him. It's his decision.