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Q: Is Neil Reagan still alive
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Is Neil Dawson still alive?

Neil Dawson is still alive

Is Neil Armstrong still alive in 2010?

yes Neil Armstrong is still alive in 2010.

Is ron Reagan jr still alive?

Ron Reagan Jr. the son of President Ronald Reagan is alive and well.

Is Neil Buchanan still alive?

Yes' he is still alive

What is the birth name of Neil Reagan?

Neil Reagan's birth name is John Neil Reagan.

Where did neil die?

Neil Armstrong is still alive.

Does Neil Amstrong still alive?

Yes , Neil Armstrong , the first man to step on the Moon , is still alive .

Is Neil still alive today?

Yes , Neil Armstrong , the first man to step on the Moon , is still alive .

Is Nil Armstron Still alive?

Yes, Neil Armstrong is still alive.

Is Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin still alive?

neil is alive and is 81 in august 2011 Buzz Aldrin is still alive. And there was also another man in that space rocket. His name was Mike Collins. He is alive too.

Is Michael Reagan still alive?


Is President Ronald Reagan still alive?


Who was Ronald Reagan's first lady?

Her name is Nancy Davis Reagan - she is still alive.

What nicknames did Neil Reagan go by?

Neil Reagan went by Moon.

Is neil armstorng still alive?

Yes, he is still alive. He is currently 79 years old.

Is Viola Louise Engel still alive?

I think so. Neil Armstrong is still alive.

Is neil reid who sang mother of mine still alive?

Born 1959 and still alive

When did Neil amstrong die?

Neil Amstrong Has Not Died Yet He Is Still Alive

Is Neil Diamond still alive?

very much alive and kicking

Is Nancy Reagan still alive march 2012?

Yes. She is still alive as of today, December 5, 2012.

Is Neil's last wife still alive?


Is Neil young still alive?


Is Neil Armstrong still alive?

Neil Armstrong died August 25, 2012.

When did Nel pass away?

do you mean Neil? Neil Armstrong is 79 and still alive.

What year did neil Armstrong the astronaut pass away?

Neil Armstrong is still alive.