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Q: Is New York nicks have a chance to be in the playoff?
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Who is Hakeem Nicks?

Hakeem Nicks is the right wide-receiver for the New York Giants.

What do nicks mean in New York?

Small cuts.

How many times have the new york nicks won a championship?


What sports team plays at Madison square garden?

New York Knicks, New York Rangers

How long has Hakeem Nicks been on the New York Giants?

3 seasons

Who is Hakeem?

Hakeem Nicks is the right wide-receiver for the New York Giants.

Which baseball team has the most baseball playoff victories?

the team with the most playoff victory is the new york Yankees

How often have the New York Jets gone to the playoffs?

The New York Jets have made 13 playoff appearances.

Where do the New York nicks play?

The New York Knicks home court is in New York City (Manhattan). They play home games in Madison Square Garden.

How much jail time can you get for 7 nicks of marijuana in new york?

about 9 months

Who owns the New York Nicks?

James Dolan/Madison Square Garden, L.P.

What is the first best baseball team in the US?

The New York Nicks, (Nickerbokers) and the New York something else was were the first professional teams in the U.S.