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they are all very very nice

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Nick Jonas Was 13 when he started to perform with the Jonas brothers

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas are brothers. They are two thirds of the band The Jonas Brothers.

Nick is my favorite Jonas brother. He is very sensitive and sweet, anyone would like him.

Nick Jonas is the youngest member in a band called the Jonas Brothers(of which he is in, with his brothers).

Nick, because he's sensative and so sweet and usually his brothers are out doin stuff.

Nick Jonas is the youngest in the band of the Jonas brothers but in the family Frankie Jonas is the youngest

Nick JONAS is a JONAS Brother because his brothers, Joe JONAS and Kevin JONAS, all formed a band with him.

nick Jonas of the Jonas brothers was born in dallas, Texas 1992 sept.16

Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers band, 5'9 as of 2010He said it in their web chat.

Joe is funny. Nick is the cutest(in my opinion) He is also sensitive. Kevin is sweet.

the Jonas brothers didnt change their name, nick Jonas is doing a side project by releasing a solo album. his new band is called nick Jonas and the administration. the Jonas brothers band still exists.

nick Jonas :) Nick Jonas from the Jonas brothers!

Nick Jonas is sometime the drummer fr the Jonas Brothers

No hes not quiting the Jonas brothers yet.

no but i would :) personally, i have read a lot of magizines and information on the Jonas brothers and i think nick Jonas would date a funny,sweet, and shy girl! i hope this information helps! :) -alisha

There are 4 Jonas brothers all together. Nick, Kevin, Joe and Frankie Nick, Joe and Kevin are the band "The Jonas Brothers"

yes all three of them can drive and nick got a mustang cobra for his sweet sixteen

Nick is mature and thoughtful. Joe is very funny and sweet. Kevin is kind and paitient.

Kevin is the lead guitarist of the Jonas Brothers.

Nick......but if you counting all the Jonas Brothers then Franky

The Jonas Brothers nickname are... Joe is Joe "DANGER" Jonas , Nick is Nick "THE PRESIDENT" Jonas , and Kevin is "KEV/K2" Jonas ,& Frankie is Frankie "Frank the Tank/ Bonus Jonas" Jonas!!!!! Alyssa B

Well the Jonas Brothers are literally JONAS. Joe Jonas Nick Jonas + Kevin Jonas theyre actually all brothers

The Jonas brothers are christians.

The answer, short and sweet, is Nick Jonas.