Is Nike fair trade

Updated: 9/16/2023
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no, Nike is not fair trade.

From: Fair Trade Sports (See Related Link below)

We've recently heard from friends that Nike's first big environmental push will be declaring themselves to be carbon neutral. While this is an admirable step (once they actually do it; I'm only hearing this second hand), we should again encourage them to continue down this positive path and extend their thinking to the human rights issues behind the production of their products. And to be clear, a truly sustainable company addresses the human rights issues of the supply chain openly and honestly."

And from: Economy in Crisis (See Related Link below)

Nike, which has a well documented history of exploiting cheap labor, sometimes in the form of children, and providing employees with poor working conditions in free trade zones, says that the factories were operated by subcontractors. The company has attempted to deflect blame, saying under Nike's policy, subcontractors are responsible for compensating employees.

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Q: Is Nike fair trade
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