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Yes, except for the Opera browser, $5.

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How do you get the internet channel on the Nintendo Wii?

the way you get the internet channel is that you have to go to the wii shoping channel and download it you can download it for free awesome

How do you get Nintendo Wii on the Internet?

You click "Wii shop Channel" then Click "Wii Ware" then Click "Wii Internet" then Click "Download" (The price was recently raised from Free to 500 wii points, you can get these points from shops)

Is the Nintendo Wii region free?

No, the Nintendo Wii is region locked.

Is Nintendo WiFi free?

If you have a wireless internet router and connect the Wii to it, you would have Wi-Fi. It's free, you just need an Internet Router.

Is the Wii Mini internet capable?

No, the Nintendo Wii Mini cannot connect to the internet

Is the Nintendo channel on Wii free?

Yes, all Wii Channels are free.

How can one obtain a Nintendo Wii for free?

Actually there are several different promotional offers for free Nintendo Wii. Some examples for websites include "YourNintendoWii4Free", "Xpango" and the blog entitled "Free-Nintendo-Wii" at BlogSpot.

Is there any way to get a free Nintendo Wii?

The only way to get a Nintendo wii for free is to either win one or steal one

Can you download xp or vista on your Wii internet?

No. The Nintendo Wii is not compatible with Windows.

What is a Nintendo WiFi connector?

it connects the wii to the internet

Does the Nintendo DS have wi fi?

Yes, it connects to other Nintendo DS's, the Nintendo Wii, and to the internet with it.

How do you get netflex on the Wii?

You go to wii Nintendo channel and you can download it FREE.

Why does my Wii blink blue online?

When your Nintendo Wii is connected to the internet and you get a message your Wii will notify you by doing this.

How do you connect your Nintendo wii to the internet?

You can connect a Nintendo Wii to the internet via a cable or you can set up a wireless connection. You will have to use the settings feature to set it all up.

Is internet free on the Wii?

Yes, if you already are paying for Internet for a computer or laptop than its free for the WII.

How much is a Nintendo wi - fi connection?

Nintendo wifi is a free service to all wii and ds users all though it depends on what kind of internet you have if you don't have internet that can support Nintendo wifi you will need to purchase a wifi adapter.

How do you get old Nintendo games for the Wii?

On the internet or gamestop at a mall

Can you buy wizard101 for a Nintendo DS?

No but you can get it from a Wii when you get the internet channel

Can you put internet on Nintendo Wii U using a SIM card?

No, you cannot. You can use your wireless internet network to connect the Wii U to the internet.

Is it free to get internet on wii?


How much is Nintendo wifi for wii and is it a monthly payment?

No, wifi for wii is free

How do you get an internet connection on the Nintendo Wii?

you must get wi-fi You could get wireless internet connection and go to to wii shop and hook it from there :)

How do you get the Internet on the Nintendo Wii?

If you want to surf the web you have to purchase the Internet Channel for 5 dollars through the Wii Shop Channel.

Does it cost anything to get Wii internet and does it cost anything to use Wii internet?

It used to cost $5 to download the wii internet, but now it is free to download and free to use.

Is it possible to get a free trial of the Nintendo Wii U?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a free trial for the Nintendo Wii U. However, you may be able to visit your nearest game store which would let you test it. The only free trial available is the Nintendo Wii Fit U.

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