Is Opeth one of the greatest bands ever or what?

Hey Dudes..., best and better are all propotional stuff..., and its all personal..

If you liked a band someone else may find it bore..!!!

But for me,and for most almost of Metal-Listeners.., Opeth is one of the Most Greatest Bands ever. They plays beautiful music, and the vocalist's sound in sooo calm ans assurant ( but when he screams it become another thing!! ). Its a really man's Voice!

Opeth is a really great band, you should listen yo them..

check this songs on the you tube:

1) Windowpane

2) Master's Apprentices

3) The Grand Conjuration( try to listen to the full-length song) its about 10 mns


5)Reverie/Harlequin Forest (i'm not sure if you gonna find a good video for it,but try to get it as a MP3)

Hope i was useful!!!