Is Orochimaru the strongest Sannin?

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I will not be marking spoilers in this answer, too lazy.

Depends on the way you look at it:

Tsunade: Obviously not the strongest Sannin, but she is not supposed to be a warrior, she is their for support, to heal, as she is said to be the best medical-nin alive, which is amazing, and how many she saved when Pain attacked Konoha, just look at the Naruto Chapter 449 page 03, see all those people that died? May seem like alot, but then look at chapter 450 page 02, look at the number of Konoha residence and compare it to chapter 449 03 people died. Her taijutsu is alright too, considering her obvious strength, and she trained Sakura as a weaker double, Sakura vs. Sasori's 100 puppet thing, she took out a big chunck using taijutsu, considering she is the weaker double of Tsunade, I wonder how well Tsunade would have done, although her strikes are obvious and easy to dodge, I wouldn't put her at the front lines for combat.
In conclusion she is not meant for battle, she is meant for support.

Jiraiya: Many, many of people think he is the strongest Sannin, for good reason. His summons are obviously the strongest out of the three. For taijutsu his strength in Sage Mode is amazing, and for ninjutsu is also amazing when combined with Ma and Pa. His Sage Mode is amazing, but it takes some time to use and in that time his opponent could get a good shot in, though in his fight vs. Pain he was able to summon Ma and Pa, even though an incredibly fast summon was chasing him.
He is the obvious winner in terms of raw strength.

Orochimaru: He is obviously the quickest of the three (not sure if he is quicker then Jiraiya when he is in Sage Mode), with just opening his mouth he could release 400 snakes, he is also said to have great knowledge of many techniques, but his lack of fighting scenes made it not show his other techniques. His strength in combat is obviously amazing, but it isn't the most amazing thing about him, his will to live is. Spending his life to find immortality (he should have just done the easier thing and be a Jashinist like Hidan haha), he could even regenerate lost limbs and stuff by just opening his mouth, infact he could survive being cut in half! His "death" wasn't even fair, as he was in his weakest state, like soooooo weak at that moment, but Sasuke was afraid to face Orochimaru so he did the coward way out and wait for this one moment to kill him. Sasuke failed to kill Orochimaru however, even when Orochimaru was on his bed barfing out blood, he failed to utterly destroy Orochimaru, as Orochimaru lives on in Kabuto! For all we know, he could have tooken over Kabuto completely and got all of Kabuto's abilities from it, making him, argueably, stronger then Pain himself! His greatest feat however, was able to fight Four-Tailed Naruto, Four Tailed Naruto was able to wound Jiraiya so badly he almost died, Orochimaru however was able to fight on par w/ Naruto, even though he was in a weakend state! Although I do know Jiraiya wouldn't want to kill Naruto, well neither would Orochimaru as he wanted them to hunt for Akatsuki to kill some, although Orochimaru would be more lenient than Jiraiya. Orochimaru has one big weakness though, genjutsu. He is always open for genjutsu, he always falls for it! If he got caught by Ma and Pa's genjutsu then he would be screwed COMPLETELY.
Orochimaru's greatest strength is his will to live, he wont let himself die.

Complete Conclusion: They all have their advantages, and their disadvantages. But if they all went at it in a fight, Tsunade would definitely not win, she isn't meant for combat, and Jiraiya vs. Orochimaru would be to hard to deduct, if Jiraiya managed to summon Ma and Pa Orochimaru would probably get screwed up, but if my Orochabuto theory is correct, his strength would be overwhealming.

Not true.. orochimaru can use genjutsu too hes only weak against the sharingan. Fighting itachi the mangekyou surprised him and against sasuke (part 2) he was weak and probably only focusing on possesing sasuke. He isnt afraid of kakashi on the other hand even though he got the mangekyou and Orochimaru probably only wanted the sharingan because SPOILER

of the rinnegan :) But hes not screwed against genjutsu. He can repel it aswell and can use it too as seen in Chuunin exams
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What is the deal with Orochimaru?

Not to rant, but the below answer is an old, stupid, snooty answer by me (Orochi-carlyle)! OROCHIMARU IS REALLY SICK AND I THINK IT'S GOOD ENOUGH TO CALL HIM A GAY PEDO IF HE CONSTANTLY SAYS HE 'WANTS SASUKE'S BODY'. Watch the anime. And I strongly doubt that Orochimaru is, what you call, pedophile ( Full Answer )

Does Orochimaru die?

No, Sasuke absorbed Orochimaru for a while, then during his fight against Itachi Orochimaru broke free and was sealed by Itachi's Totsuka sword. Later Sasuke brought Orochimaru back.

Who is orochimaru?

Orochimaru is a former Konoha ninja who mostly uses snake related techniques. He is the primary bad guy in part 1 and supporting bad guy in part 2. He was a decipal of the third hokage, having learned snake style jutsu. He, along with Tsunade (The fifth Hokage) and Jiraiya (The toad sage), were k ( Full Answer )

Did orochimaru die?

yes he does die after he reveals his true form sasuke kills him in his hideout but he comes back alive when sasuke is fighting Itachi inside a snake jutsu, this happened because sasuke ran out of jutsu so orochimaru's was unleashed but itachi sealed him away forever.Oh and sasuke won itachi is now d ( Full Answer )

When does orochimaru die?

Sasuke killed him when he tried to get Sasuke's body sasukelover21- this answer is partly true. orochimaru does die. but he doesn't die in the first place. it is a long story. first of all, sasuke absorbed oroachimaru. many people say that he died. but he did not! sasuke absorbed him. during the ( Full Answer )

Who kills orochimaru?

Sasuke kills orochimaru then uses his body to take power from him and then kabuto uses the rest and later kills deidaara and itachi plus da only reason orochimaru wantedsasuke woz 2 tke da sharingan off him :P

Is Orochimaru gay?

Most likely yes. He speaks like a woman in Japanese, like using "kashira", and the particle "wa" at the end, etc.

What is a sannin?

A sannin is one of the three legendary ninja such as Jaraiya, the toad hermit/sage/pervy sage, Lord Orochimaru, and Lady Tsunade, the legendary sucker. They got their names because they were tough enough to get to and hold their own against Hanzou, the leader of the village hidden in the rain. Thoug ( Full Answer )

How does orochimaru die?

he dies when sasuke betrays him and kills him so he can take his power.

Who is Orochimaru from Naruto?

Orochimaru is one of The Leaf's Three Legendary Sanin like Jiraya and Tsunade. He was found conducting experiments of people from the hidden leaf. Then he fled and made the Sound Village country for himself. Once he did that, he continued to make humans his experiments for eternal life. Hope that he ( Full Answer )

Will orochimaru die?

yes he gets killed by sasuke,comes back to life then gets sealed away by itachi

Is orochimaru in the akatsuki?

orochimaru use to be in the akatsuki but his dead now he left the akatsuki when itachi joined it because itachi was stronger

How did orochimaru die?

sasuke over came orochimarus jutsu with his sharingan and orochimarus jutsu was broken and sasuke killed him

Does Orochimaru get Sasuke?

not as a container sasuke kills him and kabuto takes leftover body parts and sowed them to his body and orchimaru is taking over kabuto slowly

Who killed orochimaru?

Itachi did... He absorbed Orochimaru when Sasuke used his powers on his fight against Itachi

Will there be a new set of Sannin in Naruto if so then who will they be?

My guess is that there might be new sannin consisting of the ofNaruto's old friends Rock Lee or even Neji, possibly even sakura. In which case for that kind of question you would have to into whowould be the next hokage? So with that being said there canactually be a chance for new sannin. Actually ( Full Answer )

Why does Sasuke kill orochimaru?

because he had nothing else to learn from him oh he didn't kill him he just sealed inside sasuke's body

Who will kill orochimaru?

When Orochimaru was transforming, Sasuke enters the room and tried to kill him. Orochimaru is in Sasuke, but Sasuke took over Orchimaru so Sasuke has full control of his own body. During Itachi's final battle, Itachi finds that Orochimaru is still alive in Sasuke, so Itachi drove Orochimaru out and ( Full Answer )

Does orochimaru get kabuto?

Yes kabuto found orochimaru's body when he was died and sewed it on so now orochimaru is taking over kabuto's body slowly

When does Sasuke and orochimaru fight?

it starts at chapter 343 and goes until 346. if youre reffering to the anime then im gonna guesstimate the end of December begining of January Of what year exactly?

What is a sannin in Naruto?

The Sannin are the three legendary fighters who rose to fame during the Second Shinobi War and consist of Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya. *SPOILER* Jiraiya and Orochimaru of the Sannin have already been killed and Tsunade is currently in a coma from protecting the village.

Who are the three legendary Sannin?

Yes it's Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru. But they were named Legendary Sannin because Hanzo gave them the title and let them live.

Is orochimaru a snake?

He is, and he isnt. meaning, hes associated with them. he works with them, uses them, and his name basically means "Snake" hope that helped :)

How orochimaru died?

Orochimaru cheats death once again. First off Sasuke defeated Orochimaru (don't let that get to your head though, he was weak, very weak, the three years were almost up, so Sasuke had a major upperhand.) Back on topic now, after Sasuke defeated Orochimaru he actually absorbed Orochimaru and gained ( Full Answer )

Is orochimaru alive?

Yes Technically: Yes and No. He is technically "dead" but lives on inside Sauske and Kabuto. ~SSJ12 Vegeta (TedDuda)

How does orochimaru dies?

orochimaru gets killed by sasuke whilst he is weakened because his host body was at its limit.

Does Naruto become one of the sannin?

No the sannin means three legendary ninja. The title was given to Jiriya Tsunadi and Orochimaru because of their legendary skills. So sannin is not a rank or organization and so naruto can't become one. Hope this helped Um... something in your answer is kinda wrong. Naruto manages to go Sage Mod ( Full Answer )

Why orochimaru do experiments?

the reason why orochimaru do expriment is because his is trying to get more subjects to do his evil work. but the main reason why is because he is trying to find better vessles because he knows that sasuka is not going to give him his body

Does naruto become a sannin?

No; the sanin are only three and if you dont remember they agreed to stop being called sanin during the fight when tsunade and jiraya team up on orochimaru. So nobody is a sanin anymore.

Since orochimaru died who is the third sannin?

There will be no third sanin that was a titek given to them. but fans agree that Naruto Sasuke and Sakura will take on the sanin name, though nothing about this is made offical. ( we can only hope)

Does orochimaru have a brother?

None. The only thing mentioned about Orochimaru's family is both his parents die in the war.

Who kills the legendary sannin?

first of all orochimaru gets killed by sasuke in shippuden and during the fight between sasuke and itachi,orochimaru apears in sasukes body and itachi sealded him with his box that the sussano had and jiriya has a fight between one of the six pains and when jiriya thought he finish the six pain stab ( Full Answer )

What season does sauske kill orochimaru?

Sasuke doesn't really kill Orochimaru in Shippuden, if that's what you're asking. The real killer is in Chapter 392. Don't want to give any spoilers. Starts at 383.

What clan is orochimaru from?

If you bypass the manga and anime, I have heard a theory on this. Yamata no Orochi is an 8 headed snake bijuu from Japanese mythology. Now, you can already see the resemblance. Before the Villages and such, i have heard or seen hints and which all the clans were separate militias, always fighting. O ( Full Answer )

Why did tayuya serve orochimaru?

Orochimaru collected good ninjas like Tayuya and give them curse seal. To learn to control that seal they have to learn from Orochimaru. So she served Orochimaru as her own master.

What is stronger a sage or a sannin?

Well in my opinion a sage because jiriaya took down a pain in sage mode and when naruto is in sage mode he took down all of them exept for 2 or 1 I'm not sure but it's definetley a sage

What is the point of Orochimaru?

Lol there's a big point of orochimaru. He was the main antagonist of the regular naruto series. He's responible for giving sauke the curse mark, killing the 3rd hokage and the destruction of the leaf village.

Is Orochimaru a freak?

It's a form of opinion. Some people think he's a freak, others think he's awesome. Please do not edit this answer with personal opinions.

Who will be the next legendary Sannin in naruto?

The current contender is Kabuto, who has revealed he learned the secrets of senjutsu from the White Snake Sage, and is able to transform into a snake Sage Mode.

Whom jiraiya sannin loved?

Jiraiya loved Tsunade but ultimately never confessed in an attempt to lessen her already detrimental pain from losing the 2 most important people in the world to her (Dan and her Little Brother).

What actors and actresses appeared in Haha sannin - 1958?

The cast of Haha sannin - 1958 includes: Michiyo Aratama as The Real Mother Michiyo Kogure as Keiko, The Mother-in-Law Tatsuya Nakadai as The Engineer Yutaka Nakayama as Katayama Makoto Niki as The Boy Frankie Sakai as Seiji, the Farher Haruo Tanaka Isuzu Yamada as Natsu , the Foster Mother