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Yes, Oxford Brookes University is a private college. Oxford Brookes recieves a large amount of money from the government, but it is entirely self governing making it a private university.

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Q: Is Oxford brookes a private college?
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Is Oxford Brookes involved in the university of Oxford?

No, Oxford Brookes University and Oxford University are two separate institutions that both happen to be in the city of Oxford.

What university in Europe offer master in telecommunication?

Oxford Brookes University

Does Oxford Brookes contain lots of students?

In 2009, Oxford Brookes had 18,167 students. They likely have close to 19,000 students given their historic growth rate. So, yes, the school has a lot of students.

Oxford brookes BSC in applied accounting is equivalent to US bachelors?

yes it is

Where is Brookes University located?

The Oxford Brookes University is located in Great Brittain and is one of the leading modern universities of the United Kingdom with a high international reputation.

Do you have to attend a college in Oxford to go to Oxford university?

A 'college' in Oxford is a division of the University, rather than being an institution one would attend prior to attending the University.They go hand in hand, not separately, so yes, you would have to be a member of an Oxford college (or Permanent Private Hall, which to all intents and purposes is the same as a college) to attend the University of Oxford. However, in applying to the University, you apply to a college, either of your choice or one allocated to you.

Is oxford brookes university recognised by ugc or aicte?

Even I want to know the answer please answer some one...

When was Oxford Military College created?

Oxford Military College was created in 1876.

When was Oxford Female College created?

Oxford Female College was created in 1856.

When did Oxford Military College end?

Oxford Military College ended in 1896.

Are Oxford University and the University of Oxford the same thing?

They are indeed the same place. The University of Oxford is actually a culmination of thirty-eight sub-colleges under one title.I think in the case of Oxford they are the same place, ...

When was Oxford College of Emory University created?

Oxford College of Emory University was created in 1836.