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Pasta is made from flour, water and eggs, or just flour and water. Pasta is not in any way to be considered fatty.

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Pasta fattening-yes, but it's not fatty, it's mostly flour and eggs.

Pasta does not belong to the meat and beans food group. Pasta belongs in the grain food group.

You add food coloring to you pasta

Pasta is eaten as staple food in Italy.

Pasta, pasta oooh la la pasta!

no, it is Italian food

Cole sprouse's favorite food is pasta with shrimp and dylan's favorite food is pasta

No. Rice has no fat at all. It would become a fatty food when it is fried.

Yes, I like all kinds of pasta.

Pasta is so popular in Italy because pasta is an Italian food.

Italian food usually refers to food that originated in Italy. True Italian food focuses on the use of fresh ingredients, whether it be seafood, vegetables or even pasta. Unlike the Americanized version of Italian food, traditional recipes do not utilize heavy, fatty sauces but use quality ingredients to bring flavor to the dish. In America, most people think Italian food refers exclusively to pasta, but this is not the case.

Yes, fatty foods have more chemical energy than sugary food because fatty foods have so much more chemical energy, but fatty food isn't good for you.

To colour pasta people use colouring food.

Pasta y gambas! (Shrimp and pasta)

Fatty foods affect the liver.

Pink pasta gets its colour from the red food dye added while the pasta dough is raw.Pink pasta traditionally gets its color from beet juice added to the pasta dough. Unfortunately, inexpensive novelty pasta may be colored with artificial food dyes.

Pasta is a vegetarian food. It would only be classified as non-vegetarian if the sause on the pasta had meat in it.

Butter is a very fatty food.

Before they had food additives they didn't see any reason to colour their pasta.

Many countries have spaghetti and pasta but they are considered Italian food.

Pasta does not grow. It is formed from other food products.

Chefs in restraunts that serve pasta because chefs cook food.

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