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Is Patti Labelle's brother from Green Coves Springs FL?


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September 13, 2011 4:31AM

Yes his name is Charles e Williams,sr ,mr Williams died oct 98 in norfolk,VA former united states navy 30 years service with several medals earned durning his service ,he leaves behind wife BARBARA WILLIAMS of norfolk,daughters ROBIN ATTY.,CHARLES JR MD.,PAUL DIED nov 7,2000 in norfolk,VA,laurie Williams of VA beach,VA. It is a well known fact in the city of GREEN COVE SPRINGS FLA,that PATTIE HOLT AKA PATTIE LABELLE has the same father as mr Williams ,Mr Williams took on the name Williams after his step father EDWARD WILLIAMS.Some might deny this as being fact but as a child mrs Holt was once rasied in the city of green cove springs ,Fla .Several family members remain there in the city that can prove this is fact.