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I dont think hes gay i dont know why people think that but there just all stupid and jealous of him.

it is stupied that people are saying that peewee is gay because i happen to have met peewee and he is NOT gay


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Pee wee was born on December 8, 1988 so he is 20 years old

Cause A.b. started telling them stuff so yeah dats why..

leader singers through out the kumbia kings history were dj kane, abel talamantez, and peewee

PeeWee Gonzales a former member of the Kumbia Kings' "real name" is Irvin Salinas.

Peewee gonzales a.b chris perez and more

if your reffering to peewee yes he did quit due to legal matters in 2008

No he's not. He's chicano No he's not. He's chicano No he's not. He's chicano

No, but I think hes hot

which pee wee ?? peewee Herman or peewe who WAS in kiumbia all starz cause pee wee from da kumbia all starz is on December 08

Peewee Peewee Peewee Peewee Peewee Peewee vajayjay

the answer to this question is No he does not have a girlfriend yes he is single ladies! ricky rick is a very famous rapper from the famous band kumbia all starz. ricky rick while not having a girlfriend, but he is crushing on someone at this moment and even though it is not official this girl just might be ricky's new girlfriend and the rumors have it that her name is Yvonne so yes ladies he is single, but maybe not for long

The cast of Hollywood Allstarz - 2007 includes: Jimmy Bain Carlos Cavazo

Kumbia Kings was created in 1999.

Kumbia Kings ended in 2006.

nope he was never in kumbia kings.

Pee Wee has been married more than 7 times but has divosed all of them now he is with one named Cindy and they have been together for a long time and are going to get married but they dont want the Papperatzi too know about it

Presents Kumbia Kings was created in 1999.

Kumbia All Starz was created in 2006.

Planeta Kumbia was created on 2008-03-04.

yes Frankie j was in the kumbia kings from 1999-2001

Kumbia Kings Live was created on 2006-04-04.

Duetos - Kumbia Kings album - was created in 1999.

yes peewee gonzales is single

Peewee Piemonte is 6' 3".

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