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of course she does.....but it doesn't mean she lucas and her baby sawyer stay on the show

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โˆ™ 2009-07-28 03:52:45
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Q: Is Peyton going to live on One Tree Hill?
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Where does Peyton Sawyer live?

Peyton Sawyer is a character in the WB/CW television drama "One Tree Hill" and lives in Tree Hill, North Carolina. She is played by American actress Hilarie Burton.

Did Peyton Scott die on One Tree Hill?

Peyton didn't die as she left to live happily-ever-after with Lucas and their baby Sawyer :)

What happened to lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill?

they left to live happily ever after with their daughter sawyer :)

What happened to Peyton and lucas on One Tree Hill?

They are absent from the show in season 7, this is because the have taken their daughter Sawyer to live with Lucas' mother Karen.

Are Clay and Quinn going to die from One Tree Hill?

for my part i think only Quinn is going to live they cant do that to hailey again

What happens to payton in One Tree Hill?

she and lucas get engaged. shortly after, Peyton finds that she's pregnant. they get married sooner than planned because they find out that Peyton might not live through the labor, but she wants to have the baby anyway. there are a few complications, but Peyton makes it out alive and she, lucas, and their daughter, sawyer, move away together.

Where does brook Davis character live?

brooke Davis in one tree hill lives in tree hill but i don't know where Sophia bush lives

Where can you watch One Tree Hill episodes of season one for free?

Unfortunately all episodes of One Tree Hill have been removed from the net. if you live in the US, you can view them on

Where does Peyton hillis live?


Where did sam go on One Tree Hill?

she went to live with her biological mother after regaining contact with her ... :)

Where does Peyton Manning live?

Peyton Manning still lives in Inglewood colorado

Where does Peyton Mannings live?

Peyton Manning still lives in Inglewood Colorado

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