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Is Pierre Bouvier single?


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No, he's in a relation ship with Lachelle Farrar, he wrote to her a song called I Can Wait Forever.


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Pierre Bouvier goes by PB, Captain Pierre, Popsicle Pete, and Rock Bouvier.

Pierre Bouvier's birth name is Pierre Charles Bouvier.

Pierre Bouvier was born on May 9, 1979.

Pierre Bouvier does not have any kids, and isn't planning on it for a while. He is enjoying life as it is now.

Canadian singer Pierre Bouvier is 38 years old (birthdate: May 9, 1979).

As of July 2014, Pierre Bouvier and his wife, Lachelle Farrar, have two children, both girls. Pierre is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

No. He does not yes, he does. :)

Pierre Bouvier's girlfriend is Lachelle Farrar.

No he does not have any children.

Pierre Bouvier was born on May 9, 1979.

He did not have a girlfriend that died.

Jay Bouvier is one of two older brothers of Simple Plan's Pierre Bouvier. Jay is about a year older, born 1978, while brother Pierre was born May 9, 1979. Pierre has said they are like fraternal twins. The third brother, Jonathan, is the oldest.

he is 36/37 he is 3 years older than Pierre

the singer of Simple Plan is Pierre Bouvier

yes he is having a baby with lachel farrar

He is about a year older than Pierre (the youngest of the three), younger than the oldest brother, Jonathan. Jay would have been born circa 1978.

ANSWER:Pierre is engaged to his longtime gf Lachelle Farar but i dont know if they are married yet

Pierre loves basketball and he used to be a swimmer in high school. He also loves to surf

yes he did he went to Bukworth academy for boys.

Pierre Bouvier plays the back up guitar and he is the lead vocals for the band, which started in 1999

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