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No. The PS2 will not work with any kind of MP3 player in any way.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-24 15:58:55
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Q: Is PlayStation 2 compatible with an MP3 player?
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Are Playstation 2 games compatible with Playstation?


Are PlayStation controllers compatible with PlayStation 2 unit?


Can you play PlayStation 2 games on the original PlayStation?

No. PlayStation 2 games are not backwards-compatible with the original PlayStation.

Can you play PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 1?

No you can not it is not compatible for the playstation 1

Your Playstation 2 can play mp3?

yes it can

What PlayStation 2 games are compatible with the PlayStation 3?

All of them.

Is the Eyetoy for the PlayStation 2 compatible with the PlayStation 3?


Are PlayStation 1 games compatible with PlayStation 2?

Yes they are. PS2 are "backwards" compatible with PS1 games

How do you play PlayStation3games on PlayStation 2?

Unforutunatly, PlayStation 2 games are not compatible with PlayStation 3 system.

Can you play games written for the PlayStation 3 on a PlayStation 2?

No. PlayStation 3 games are not backwards-compatible with the PlayStation 2.

Are PlayStation 2 video games compatible with the computer?

Afraid not. you can only play it on the Playstation 2

Can you put playstation move on a playstation 2?

Unfortunately, PlayStation Move is only compatible with PS3's.

Can a playstation 2 play mp3 music files?

Yes it can

Can you get Skate 3 for PlayStation 2?

No you cannot get Skate 3 for Playstation 2. Only compatible with Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

Does the Playstation 3 Playstation 2 games?

No, PS3 is not backward compatible with PS2 games.

Are Sony PlayStation 2 Dualshock controllers compatible with Sony playstation 1?

Yes they are

Can you play resident evil 2 for the Playstation 1 on the Playstation 2?

Yes. The PS2 is fully backwards compatible.

Can you play MP3's on your PlayStation 2?

Put them on a CD, and then you can. You cannot upload them to the PlayStation 2 itself. But it CAN play the CD.

Will a PS1 GameShark work on a ps2 playing PS1 games?

No, a PlayStation GameShark will not work with a PlayStation 2, even if you are playing a PlayStation game in it. The reason is because the PlayStation GameShark is made for use with the PlayStation console BIOS image and even though the PlayStation 2 is backwards compatible with PlayStation games, the BIOS image is different and is not compatible with the GameShark for PlayStation.

Is a PlayStation 2 guitar compatible with a PlayStation 3?

Only if the PS2 guitar has a USB connector.

Can PlayStation 2 game play on a PlayStation 3 system?

No, not all PS3s are reverse-compatible.

Is the PlayStation 3 USB memory card adapter compatible with a PlayStation 2 console?


Can a PlayStation 1 game be played on a PlayStation 2 and use a playstaion 2 memory card?

Yes, but you cannot save playstation 1 games on a playstation 2 memory card as they are not compatible.

Is the PlayStation 2 power cord compatible with a PlayStation 3?

No. The PlayStation 3 requires it's own cord. the PlayStation 2 cord is much thinner than that of a PS3.

Is the v3 racing wheel compatible with playstation 2?