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outside of neptune

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Q: Is Pluto inside or outside of Neptune?
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Related questions

Which Planet crosses over from outside Neptune's orbit to inside Neptune's orbit when it is moving around the sun?


Is Neptune located inside or outside the asteroid belt?

Neptune is located beyond the asteroid belt as are all the gas giants. In fact, as of Pluto's demotion, Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun.

Is jupiterinside or outside the asteroidbelt?

Outside. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are inside the astroid belt while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are outside.

Pluto's orbit sometimes takes it inside the orbit of?

Pluto's orbit sometimes carries inside the orbit of Neptune. One time, Pluto was stuck in Neptune's orbit for around 20 years.

Which outer planet swings inside the orbit of another planet periodically?

The orbits of Pluto and Neptune cross, so sometimes Pluto is inside Neptune's orbit.

Does Pluto or Neptune have a longer year and why?

Pluto has a longer year than Neptune, because Pluto (usually!) is beyond Neptune's orbit. Pluto has a very eccentric orbit; for part of its orbit, Pluto is actually closer to the Sun than Neptune. But Pluto makes up for it by swinging far outside of Neptune's orbit for most of the Plutonian "year".

When was Pluto inside of Neptune's orbit?

For 20 years, from1979 to 1999, Neptune was actually farther from the sun than Pluto.

What are the two planets between Pluto and Saturn?

Uranus and Neptune, although Pluto's orbit sometimes goes inside Neptune's orbit.

What planets orbit intersects with Pluto?

Pluto's orbit passes inside the orbit of Neptune.

What planet is before Pluto?

== == Most of the time the answer would be Neptune. But for about 15 years of Pluto's orbit, it is inside Neptune's orbit, so during those times the answer would be Uranus. Pluto is currently beyond Neptune's orbit.

Is Neptune located inside or outside?

Neptune is inside our solar system.

Is neptune inside or outside?


Is Neptune inside or outside of asteroid belt?

Neptune is outside the asteroid belt.

Pluto's unusual orbit causes it to occasionally travel inside the orbit of which planet?

Pluto's unusual orbit causes it to travel inside Neptune's orbit.

How can Pluto be closer to the sun than Neptune?

Pluto's orbit sometimes takes it inside Neptune's orbit. This happens for about 20 years of Pluto's 248 year orbit. It last happened between 1979 and 1999.

Does neptune stay inside or outside the asteroid belt?

Neptune is always outside the asteroid belt

Part of Pluto's orbit is inside the orbit of?

It's in Neptune's orbit

Is Neptune an inside or outside planet?

It is an outside planet

What planets can be found within 4.54 billion kilometers from the sun?

All eight of them, plus (sometimes) the dwarf planet Pluto which has an orbit that brings it inside and outside the orbit of Neptune.

Is Neptune is inside or outside?

It is inside the solar system.

What is a minor body that orbits outside the orbit of Neptune?


Is Pluto located in the outside or in the inside of the asteroid belt?

Pluto is on the outside of the asteroid belt, and is VERY far away from it.Outside.

Is Pluto an inside or outside planet?

The terms inside planet and outside planet only refer to planets. Dwarf planets like Pluto are not usually categorized that way, but technically speaking, Pluto could considered an outside dwarf planet.

Does Pluto orbit Neptune?

No, Pluto orbits the sun. Neptune affects Pluto's orbit, but Pluto doesn't go around Neptune.

What Two planets that cross orbits?

None. The orbit of Pluto is sometimes 'inside' the orbit of Neptune but Pluto isn't a planet.