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Actually,Pokemon Platinum,Diamond,and Pearl are the bestest game ever on a DS.(EMO)

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How do you get Ho-Ho on Pokemon Platinum Version?

you cant unless you have a game boy game that you catch it on and then migrate it to platinum

How do you delete pokemon platinum version?

you do new game then save over the other game

Is Pokemon Platinum version an actual game and not just about the internet features?

Yes Pokemon Platinum is a real game. It is not a screw up of some other game. And it is made by Nintendo it is not customized

What is the best Pokemon game ever made?

Pokemon platinum and Pokemon emerald

How do you find sandshrew in Pokemon platinum?

after beating the game, insert the Pokemon leafgreen version for gameboy advanced in the GBA slot. You can then catch Pokemon from that version.

Where do you catch a sandshrew on Pokemon Platinum?

After beating the game, insert the pokemon leafgreen version for gameboy advanced in the GBA slot. You can then catch pokemon from that version.

Can you catch a sandshrew on Pokemon Platinum?

After beating the game, insert the pokemon leafgreen version for gameboy advanced in the GBA slot. You can then catch pokemon from that version.

Can Pokemon diamond cheat codes be used in Pokemon Platinum?

No, you can't. Codejunkies has to create different cheats every game. If you want to get Pokemon on Platinum, then use the Platinum version of Pokesav.

What Pokemon game is the best?

Pokemon platinum yeah it is awesome baby

What is the game code for Pokemon platinum version?


Who is riley in Pokemon platinum?

Riley is a game version of the lucario tamer in the movie

How did you get the explore kit in Pokemon Platinum gba version?

Pokemon Platinum isn't an GBA version. It is a DS game. And plus you go to Eterna City and go to the house near the Pokemon Center and someone will give it to you.

Which Pokemon game is better?

the best Pokemon game so far is platinum but its just my oppinion

Is there ever going to be another Pokemon version game after Pokemon Platinum?

Yes, There Is The Games Names Are Pokemon HeartGold Version And Pokemon SoulSilver Version. They Are Remake's Of Pokemon Gold And Silver. They Are Going To Be For The Nintendo DS.

How do you get the legendary dogs on platinum version Pokemon?

transfer them from another game such as ruby or watever gba game they are in

Where to find piplup?

A Piplup doll, figure, or card can be found on eBay or amazon; then you can buy it. In a Pokemon game, you can get Pipulp as a starter Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl version , Pokemon Diamond version, or Pokemon Platinum version. The starter Pokemon is the one you get at the beginning of the game from Professor Rowan.

What do you have to do in Pokemon Platinum Version?

You question is very vague. Do you mean the plot or the basic concept of playing a Pokemon game?

Can you get any Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum version?

You can get Pokemon from the older versions on Pokemon Platinum, but I'm not sure if it includes every Pokemon from every game. You'll need to finish your Pokedex, then get the National Dex.

What is the best pokmon game ever?


What Pokemon version comes after black and white?

There is no official game yet, but there are rumors that there will be a Pokemon Gray version in a year or two, similar to Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Crystal, as if it becomes real, it will be the third game in the Pokemon Black and White games.

What do you do if your Pokemon Platinum DS game has a completely different ID code for the Action Replay?

AnswerThe ID code for your Pokemon Platinum game will vary with the region you got it from. For example, the ID code for an Australian Platinum version will differ slightly from the American version. The following ID codes are used to identify Pokemon Platinum games from various regions:Australian version: CPUE - d074d1b3United Kingdom version: CPUE - 3b823103United States of America version: CPUE - d074d1b3 3811def6

Is Pokemon Darkrai version fake?

Yes, Pokémon Darkrai Version is a fake, it's a hacked version of a Pokémon game. it must be a hacked version of Pokemon platinum,diamond or pearl. i havnt heard of that game before and Pokemon is very popular so if there was a game called Pokemon darkrai then there would be adverts on tv

What happens if you forget the code in the game of Pokemon platinum version?

it tells you the game code if you put it in an action replay

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