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No, Prometheus was a mortal who stole fire for the other mortals from the mounts of Olympus. Vulcan was the god of fire and forges.

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What is Prometheus the God of?

Prometheus was the Titan of Fire,Human Culture and Human Life.

What god gave fire to mortals?


What was Prometheus power?

Prometheus was the Titan god of technology. He gave humans the gift of fire.

Greek god who gave fire to humans?


What god stole fire from mount Olympus?


Why did Zeus refused to give Prometheus fire?

Zeus was an Olympian God who told Prometheus to create man. Zeus was not very fond of mankind. But, Prometheus was. Prometheus was told not to give the gift of fire to mankind. He did anyways and was punished by Zeus.

Why was the greek god 'Prometheus' sentenced to suffer for all eternity?

Prometheus was a Titan, punished because he gave mankind the gift of fire.

What god brought fire to humanity?

Prometheus, against the wish of Zeus.

Who was the greek god who stole the fire from mount Olympus?

Prometheus, he stole the fire and gave it the humans.

What does light symbolise in the painting of the Greek god Prometheus wielding the flame of a torch?

Prometheus was the Titan god whom gave fire to mankind, against the wishes of Zeus.

What greek god stole the sacred fire from mount Olympus?

uhmm prometheus did..

Was Prometheus a demi-god?

No, Prometheus was a Titan.

What is the element that is named after a Greek god who gave mankind fire?

Prometheus gave fire to the humans. The element is promethium.

What Greek god who stole the sacred fire?

prometheus stole the sacred fire from zeus in an attempt to save the mortals

What greek god brought fire to humanity?

Prometheus, however he wasn't one of the Gods.

How is Prometheus important to Greek cultures?

He sculpted men from clay and gave them the gift of fire.answer for who is Prometheus: Prometheus is from Greek mythology, he was quite intelligent, and stole fire from the high god Zeus and gave it to people. Zeus punished Prometheus, by tying him to a rock while an eagle ate his liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day as being a god Prometheus was immortal.

What is the summary of the story of Prometheus and the fire?

Prometheus gave the fire of the gods to man.

How did Prometheus greek god die?

Prometheus, the Greek god never died in myth.

What was Prometheus the God of in Ancient Greek times?

Prometheus wasn't a god, he was a titan. He made the first men from clay, brought them to life, and gave them the gift of fire. For giving the secret of fire away he was chained to a rock, where vultures would peck at him constantly but he would never die.

Is Prometheus a god or goddesses?


Why did the son of zeus give man fire?

No son of Zeus gave mankind fire, Prometheus, a Titan god of forethought stole it and gifted it to mankind.

Why is Prometheus important for the Greek mythology?

Prometheus gave people fire.

Who was the founder of fire?


Does Zeus exist like God Yahweh?

NO. Zeus was a mythological god. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Wrong. its all wrong ever notice the story of the garden of eden and Prometheus giving man fire are the same story of temptation and punishment? Prometheus feels pity for man and gives them fire which Zeus punished him for it same as Eden

Where did Prometheus die?

Prometheus did not die being a immortal Titan god.

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