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I believe it to be hereditary. I have seen the exact same behavior from my ex and all of her offspring. She blames it upon her upbringing, I see it differently, they are all just different, no remorse, shame or guilt unless they call upon their acting abilities to mimic these emotions.

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Q: Is Psychopathy Hereditary
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Can psychopathy be treated?

Primary psychopathy cannot be treated, secondary psychopathy can be treated.

Is sociopathic hereditary?

I'm not absolutely sure, but my grandpa died in a nuthouse after he tried to kill my grandma...I'm not sure if he was a sociopath. my mom is a sociopath. my brother has sociopathic tendancies. so it probably is ~ Sociopathy can't be 'inherited' at least directly. Think Sociopath = social-learnt psychopathy. Psychopath = psychological (genetically hardwired) psychopathy. Psychopathy is inherited. Psychopaths are charming and 'smooth' while sociopaths are neurotic and 'explosive'

What are the causes of psychopathy?

Scientists continue to debate over the causes of psychopathy; however, they suggest psychopathy can stem from either an individual's DNA or social environment.

What actors and actresses appeared in Psychopathy - 2011?

The cast of Psychopathy - 2011 includes: Shannon Lynette as Carrie

What is the difference between narcissm and psychopathy?

Degree It is basically the same "type"of disorder on a spectrum. The worse it is - the more toward full blown psychopathy it is.

What causes psychopathy?

There are varies causes psychopathy. In most cases, this is believed to be caused antisocial behavior which is characterized by lack of empathy and callousness among other attributes.

What is the number 1 motive for stealing?

Greed and psychopathy.

What is the medical term meaning disease of the mind?


Did Hitler have Narcissism?

Yes but in its EXTREME FORM = Sociopathy/ Psychopathy.

Are psychopaths allowed to research and treat psychopathy professionally?


How do you treat a psychopath?

There is no effective treatment for psychopathy, the disease is incurable.

Is syphilis hereditary?

Syphilis is not hereditary.

Is brain cancer hereditary?

no it is not hereditary

Is osteoporosis hereditary?

yes, it is hereditary.

Are gallstones hereditary?

Yes they are hereditary.

What is a hereditary infection?

Is is an infection that is hereditary

Can a sociopath be cured?

No. There is neither a cure nor an effective treatment for psychopathy.

Who was a psychiatrist who was the first to describe psychopathy as a mental illness?

Emil Krapulin.

How do you write a sentence using the word hereditary?

I can give you several sentences.That is a hereditary trait.He has a hereditary illness.Her family's hereditary home is in London.

Is the disease leucoderma hereditary?

no albinism is a hereditary.

List of hereditary diseases?

Is myelofibrosis hereditary

Is aids hereditary?

No it isn't hereditary, it either has to be through a shag or blood transfusion.AIDS is not hereditary.

Did Slayer make a new songs?

They recently released a single, Psychopathy Red.

What is it called when a person takes pleasure in watching women die by asphyxiation?


Can leukemia be hereditary?

Leukemia is a cancer that is hereditary. Even though it is hereditary, that doesn't mean that you will develop leukemia.