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Is Randy Orton divorced or still married 2010?


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Randy is still happily married to Samantha Speno, and they have a daughter together called Alanna Marie Orton.

Sorry, Randy Orton fans (including myself here) but Randy is taken :(

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He and Samantha are still married and very happy

AnswerNo, he was divorced in 2005.

Yes he is still in the WWE

No, they divorced in 1992; and Elizabeth died in 2003.

Randy Orton is a third generation wrestler, and his father is Billy Bob Orton. Orton was also born in Missouri and still lives there.ANSWER:Randy Orton was born in Knoxville Tennesse he now lives in missouri

He is still wrestling if that is what you mean.

Randy got married to his longtime girlfriend in September 2007. His wife's name is Samantha Speno. Randy and Stacy never dated in real life!!! It was storyline only

No Randy Orton's contract is still valid. He won't be going anywhere soon.

probably orton but edge is still awesome

No they are no longer engaged, they are married and expecting their fist child just any time In November 2005, Orton announced his engagement to his girlfriend Samantha Speno.They married on September 21,2007.In December 2007,Orton announced that he and his wife were expecting there first child, a daughter.Orton and his wife welcomed Alanna Marie Orton on July 12, 2008.

He can when his contract is up but he still has three years on his contract

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Yes, he is still married to Sara. No, they are divorced.

As of this day, April 4, 2010, he is alive at the age of 30.

No of course, they're still exist n still continue their carrier

no they are not divorced...still married

Yes, Randy and Samatha are still very happily married

The reign that he lost to the miz was 64 days.

The match is over and Randy Orton lost his TLC match in 2010 with The Miz because of interference from the Miz's apprentice Alex Riley. Miz is still the WWE champion

No he is not divorced. He is still married as of October 1st 2008.

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positively not married to her anymore

No,he was only fired in storyline. He is still employed.

She's not divorced. She's still married to John McBride.

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