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Is Raven really pregnant if so by who?


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Raven is not pregnant. She never was. She is just overweight.


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It is said to be that Raven is Prgnant by Devon off of that so raven

Im am sure Raven is not pregnant

Raven was never pregnant.

looks like she is with the star Eddie from that's so raven


No, Raven Symone is not married.

is raven symone pregnant

in the new teen titans some one wants to marry raven so he can be really powerful i think

no body she is not pregnant!!!!!!!! This is a rumor. She has not had a baby, is not pregnant and has not adopted a child.

Raven is Prengant it is 2010 right now and she had (her) already!

yes she is pregant and she has a daughter

Because Raven Wanted to go do other things beside disney and she was getting to hold :( i really did like it

Nobody had a child or baby by Raven she never gave birth to a baby in her life.

im not sure.thats wat i heard,she fine as heck though so yes she is pregnant

January 17th, 2003 is when That's So Raven started.

Thats so raven went from 2003 - 2007

she was never pregnant!!!

Raven Symone is 22 years old and she is married to Orlando Brown. She is not pregnant. I think she has a baby but I'm not sure yet.

Lita was NOT pregnant. It was a storyline.

i am a big fan of that so raven and i wanted to know why that so raven got canceled?

Nope that's so raven stooped production

raven was having some issues with other cast members.

Yes Beyonce was really pregnant the first time although it did not seem so she was

no but she is on that so raven

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