Is Ravon Symone pregnant?


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is Raven Symone pregnant

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As of June 2016 Ravon Symoné is 30 years old.

When people are famos they stay famos and ravon is on a new show called The state of Georgia if ur ravon fans make sure to cheek out this show u fans will just love it its relly funny and ravon now plays Gorgia the main funny character of this new awsome show u ravon fans will love;)P.S I'm a ravon fan as well loved her show that so ravon they should give that on disney again;)

No, Raven Symone is not married.

no body she is not pregnant!!!!!!!! This is a rumor. She has not had a baby, is not pregnant and has not adopted a child.

Raven Symone is 22 years old and she is married to Orlando Brown. She is not pregnant. I think she has a baby but I'm not sure yet.

I never heard of a polymer called ravon. If you meant rayon, then yes it is a polymer.

Raven symone= not pregnant.

Unfortunately She didn't. It was a false rumor..


Raven is Prengant it is 2010 right now and she had (her) already!

It is said to be that Raven is Prgnant by Devon off of that so raven

looks like she is with the star Eddie from that's so raven

raven Symone is 35

Raven symone does have a child the baby is cute she have a boy friend to.

No, Raven Symone is not 21

she didn't get pregnant she gained weight she did not have a baby by any body she gained a weight and she is said on live TV that she was not pregnant so live here long

No....Raven Symone is 100% black

Gabrielle Symone is 5' 7".

No. there were rumors circulating that she was indeed pregnant but she put those rumors to rest in ebony magazine and on tyra

Symone...duhhhhh. Pearman... Full Name: Raven-Symone Christina Pearman

Raven Symone have 2 daughters

Raven-Symone was born in 1985

No, Raven Symone does not lip sync.

Raven Symone has two daughters.

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