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Reno is a city in Nevada and a part of Lake Tahoe is in Nevada the rest of Lake Tahoe is in California. If you search on and make sure to click the images box and type "Map of the United States including Lake Tahoe".

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What is the distance from the sirport in Reno Nevada to South Lake tahoe

It is the name of a lake on the California-Nevada border near Reno.

Reno is about 40 to 60 miles away depending on what part of the lake you are coming from.

There are about 450 miles between Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. That would be about 8 hours to drive there. To fly, you would take an hour and half flight from Las Vegas to Reno, then drive about an hour from Reno to Lake Tahoe.

Reno and Las Vegas. Also Lake Tahoe and Silver City.

There are many mountain lakes in Nevada, the most famous being Lake Tahoe in the north of the state near Reno and Carson City. The Lake is on the border shared with California. The region is home to many fine recreation areas and ski resorts. To travel to Lake Tahoe, fly into the Reno/Tahoe Int'l Airport.Other "mountain lakes" in northwest Nevada include, Pyramid, Topaz and Walker.

The driving distance from Reno-Tahoe International Airport to Lake Tahoe is 59 miles.

Lake Tahoe is a lake on the California-Nevada border, to the west of Carson City, Nevada.

Lake tahoe is located in nevada

hoover dam for las vegas and for reno is lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe is on the border of Nevada and California.

Lake Tahoe is in the Sierra Nevada.

It's 70 miles from Lake Tahoe to Nevada City.

The driving distance from Reno NV South Lake Tahoe CA is 63.1 road miles.

Tahoe Truckee Airport is about 12 miles fron Lake Tahoe.The closest major airport to Lake Tahoe is Reno-Tahoe International Airport, which is about 59 driving miles from Lake Tahoe.

Reno is 60 miles northeast of South Lake Tahoe via Hiway 50 through Carson City, or about 30 miles to North Lake Tahoe via Mt. Rose Hiway.

I'm in Reno and it takes about 90 minutes. Addition: It depends from what part of Reno. The time from south Reno to Incline Village at Lake Tahoe is only about 30 minutes.

1,645 ft or 501 m is the maximum depth of Lake Tahoe

Destination Golf - 2005 Reno Lake Tahoe was released on: USA: 10 October 2011

No. It is on the border of Nevada and California.

Lake Tahoe on the border of California & Nevada is not man made. It is a natural crater lake.

The typical range for cabin rentals in Lake Tahoe in California is from $120 to $325. Lake Tahoe is a large fresh water lake in Sierra Nevada of the United States. Beautiful lake Tahoe is located where Nevada and California meet.

Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada, is a freshwaterlake.

•Lake Tahoe, Lake Mead, Lake Lahaton