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Yes, Resolution Ranch is a boot camp geared towards troubled boys, ages 13 to 17. You can get further information at

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โˆ™ 2011-06-14 15:23:47
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Q: Is Resolution Ranch a boot camp for teens?
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Where can I find information on Boot Camp For Teens?

Resolution Ranch is one camp you could call in Texas; the number is 512-923-9636.

Is there a boot camp for kids in Allen, Texas?

Resolution Ranch looks like it's the closest, although it is in Cameron, TX

What is the setting in the book Boot camp?

Todd Strasser's Boot Camp is set at Harmony Lake, a camp for troubled teens.

Where is a boot camp for teens in Arkansas?

Down he street from your house

Where can I find a list of all the boot camps for teens in Illinois?

This is a website you can go to and find a list of boot camps for teens in Illinois :

are ther any boot camps for troubled teens in indiana?

Here are some websites that will help you find the correct boot camp for your teen., CHECK NGYCP.ORG

Are there any boot camps for teens in Tennessee?

There is a fitness boot camp offered in Brentwood Tennessee. If you are looking for more of a discipline oriented boot camp try White River Academy.

Is boot camp for teens free for their families?

The only way to get free boot camp is for your child to have committed an offense and get sentenced to a state-run boot camp. Private boot camps are not only not free, but extremely expensive. Don't waste your money.

Summer jobs for teens?

a summer camp called teen valley ranch christian camp look it up at

Where can I read reviews on a camp for troubled teens?

I performed a google search and found many listing for troubled teens. I went to a few of the sites and Boot Camps For Struggling Teens caught my eye as a good resource. It can be found at this link:

Are there any boot camps for teens in Illinois?

Check out Illinois Juvenile Boot Camp, they can refer you to a particular camp based on your needs. There website is

Is boot camp for troubled teens the best way to deal with a volatile teenager?

Although boot camp may not be the best way for ALL volatile teens, it is very constructed for many and can provide them with life lessons to help then join society.

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