Robert Pattinson

Is Robert Pattinson ever going to date anyone?


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2009-04-26 19:22:35
2009-04-26 19:22:35

no, because he cant seem to get anything right in his life.

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NO!! he ain't going to date sum ****in JIGABOO!!!!!!!

they sounld date but she need to talk to her boyfriend first.

Robert Pattinson dated Brittany spears

Robert Pattinson used to date Kristen Stewart but they broke up, but i think they may get back together

Well,i think he would he seems sweet enough to do that but im sure he wouldn't date anyone too young.

U pick who should Robert Pattinson date? Kristina or Nikkie? U pick and tell!!!=) I think Robert Pattinson should date Kristien Stewart because they are co-stars anf they would go pefect with each other!!:)

9/27/ first Kristen couldn't date Robert Pattinson because she is dating Michael angarano...but now Robert and Kristen are dating!!!!

A model, and she used to date Robert Pattinson.

yes he does date mixed race girls

If he is older than her than yes.

that would be illegal for him.

Between Emile De Ravin and Kristen Stewart

Of course not. Why would you think that?

As far as we can get from the official information, no he didn't.

If he did, they were pretty good at keeping it secret.

no she doesn't want to date Robert because she has her boyfriend and Robert pattinson want to date her he is in love with Kristen Stewart

If you search Robert Pattinson on google, you will find his bio. Birth Name: Robert Thomas Pattinson Nickname: R Pattz or Rob Birth Date: May 13, 1986 Born: London, England Siblings: 2 older sisters

he never did. he claims they are 'just friends'.

Definetely not. He's not a petifile!!!

no he would not he is 24 think about that

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