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yes compleatly..

ozzie posse '07 mate :]

i love romely she is cool im in itc its gay yes compleatly..

ozzie posse '07 mate :]

i love romely she is cool im in itc its gay

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When was Rosie Thomas born?

Rosie Thomas was born on 2008-10-15.

Is Ring Around The Rosie an urban legend?

Not exactly. Ring Around the Rosie is a just nursery rhyme, but there is a story that it is actually about the plague - This is untrue and is only an urban legend.

Thomas falls in love with rosie in Thomas and friends?

He might

Did Rosie Thomas publish a book titled Women?


Billy the kid is a legend?

no he is not!Hi,Thomas Pennartz

How do you say rosie in french?

'rosie' is rosie itself but pronounced differently

When did Rosie break up with old love?

Rosie who? Rosie O'Donnell? Rosie Greer? Rosie the Riveter? Rosie the Jetson's robot? Rosie the 70's Bounty Paper Towels spokeswoman?

Who sang rosie o rosie?

Rosie Rosie Rosie oooooooooooo i love this song !!!!!!!!!!!!! i listen to it 24/7 <3 Ooooo rosie baybee hit me one more time. what a tune.

What well-known nursery rhyme has its origins with the plague?

Ring Around the Rosie, though recent research suggests that this may partly be an urban legend.

What has the author Henry Thomas Armfield written?

Henry Thomas Armfield has written: 'The legend of Christian art illustrated in the statues of Salisbury Cathedral'

What is cider with rosie about?

Cider with rosie came from the name Rosie MAY FARREL

What nicknames did Rosie Dolly go by?

Rosie Dolly went by Rosie Dolly.

How do you say Rosie in German?

to say Rosie in German you say Rosie :) i like pie

What is the song that goes raise your hands in the air if you want Christmas time all the time?

Rosie Thomas - Why Can't It Be Christmastime All Year

Who sang rosie oh rosie?

Rosie O'Donnell, the most annoying celebrity in the whole world.

What is the birth name of Rosie Day?

Rosie Day's birth name is Rosie Jane Day.

What is the birth name of Rosie Marcel?

Rosie Marcel's birth name is Rosie Ellen Celine Marcel.

What is Rosie O'Donnell's email address?

Is rosie cool?

Yes rosie is very cool

How did Ruby find Iris in the book by Rosie Thomas?

Iris Black is living in Egypt and her granddaughter Ruby comes to visit after World War II.

Did Thomas Edison invent the microscope?

Although Thomas Edison invented many things and was a legend to the world of science, he did not invent the microscope. That gadget was invented by Zacharias Janssen.

Where does the name Rosie come from?

The name Rosie originated in England.

How do you say love you Rosie in Spanish?

Te queiro Rosie

What is rosie sampsons full name?

Rosie Elizabeth Sampson

What is Rosie on Tough Turkey Teasers?

Ring around the Rosie