Is Rubber Natural

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yes it is natural

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Q: Is Rubber Natural
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What the solubility of epoxidized natural rubber?

epoxidised natural rubber

How is natural rubber produced?

See topic "rubber" in wikipedia. Natural rubber comes from the sap of the rubber tree.

Can you mix natural rubber with nitrile rubber?

Mixing natural rubber with nitrile rubber is possible. In fact, it is quite common to mix natural rubber with other kinds of rubbers.

What is crude rubber?

Natural rubber

How do rubber trees turn into natural rubber?

Wikipedia has a good article about rubber natural rubber. see the related link.

Is a natural rubber more elastic than a synthetic rubber?

natural rubber is more elastic than synthetic rubber

What Synthetic rubber has different monomers than natural rubber.?

synthetic rubber has different monomers than natural rubber.

What do you do to get rubber from a rubber tree?

Natural rubber is created from the sap of the Rubber Tree. In fact, that is the only thing needed from the tree to produce natural rubber.

Is rubber a natural resource?

I need to know if it is for a project yes Well actually yes and no> There is Natural rubber and there is Synthetic Rubber. synthetic rubber is what is now used for car tires because it is stronger than Natural Rubber. Natural Rubber used to be used as car tires until there was synthetic rubber.

Are there any brands of auto tires out there that use Natural rubber?

There is no such thing as a natural rubber, rubber is man made.

Is rubber natural or manmade?

There is natural rubber, made from the latex of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis).There are several manmade rubber compounds, including butyl rubber, neoprene, and nitrile rubber.

Is nitrile a natural rubber?

No nitrile rubber is a synthetic rubber polymer

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