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the sick twisted Russians are enthusiastic about that whole situation but the one WITH a brain kow better.

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Do people in Russia use this website?

There is every likelihood that those in Russia who read and write English use this website.

What is hitlers reason for killing all of those people?

He did not see a place for them in his society.

How were the Nazis tricked into killing people?

Why do you think that Nazis 'were tricked into killing people'? Those who served with the terror and murder apparatus did so voluntarily. They had the opportunity to opt out and do something else.

What was the point of Hitler killing all those Jewish people?

The point was to rid territories of Jews.

Why are muslims killing people?

Some Muslims are killing people. Those who are are among the fundamentalist groups within Islam. These folk believe that they have a divine mandate to convert the world and kill those with whom they disagree including other Muslims. Most Muslims want simply to live their lives in peace with their neighbours

How are people trying to stop people from killing dugongs?

People are stopped from killing dugongs by people telling sailors to sail slowly on dugong-inhabited water so as not to run over them. Also, sometimes people charge those who illegally hunt dugongs.

In ether saga can the people turn into animals?

yes, but first you have to have a card, and you get those cards from killing monsters

What does it mean if you dream about killing people you know every night?

The people you dream of killing every night represent aspects of yourself. The dreams express the desire to "kill" or eliminate those characteristics or behaviors that you hate in yourself.

How would i say when i think of you i can't help but smile in Japanese?

Why would you want to? Those people are killing us anyway.

Why do some people choose not to get proteins from meat?

They see the killing of those animals as a form of cruelty, and refuse to partake in the result of such.

Why were Hammurabi's law unfair?

They were not, by the standards of those days. On the contrary, people were happy that there were now clear directives.

Do poepl protest on killing plants and animals?

Some people do and some people don't. But for animals some people protest on killing all of the dangerous animal like the kind that are venomous but otherwise no. And for plants some people would like to get rid of cactuses and those other dangerous plants!

Do people enjoy killing?

The ones that engage in that activity intentionally usually do so for the thrill, but those are usually serial and does not apply to all.

What is a sentence using the word happy?

Happy are those who are pure in heart.

Why is everyone happy that John and Edward is out of the x factor?

Because those people think John and Edward are rubbish

How has geography contributed to ethnic diversity in Russia?

The massive size of Russia has resulted in a mix of people from the many surrounding countries. Those in the east are of Asian descent, and the western region is largely European.

What is the killing fields called in German?

"Killing fields" is also used as a term in German for those places in Camboscha

What is killing those people in the movie The Happening?

It's implied in the film that the Earth is defending itself from humanity by having plants secrete whatever makes people commit suicide.

What tourist attractions are there in Russia?

Russian people, Russian buildings and Russian food and all that Russian stuff, i love it there. by the way people there speak Russian, watch out for those.

A play script on perseus killing medusa?

There are many of those.

Which two statements best describes slaves in ancient times which two were a conquered people or were those with a certain skin color or were happy in bondage or were an accepted social class?

were a conquered people were those with a certain skin color

What is the name Muslim way of killing animals?

The name of killing of animals, that are allowed for Muslims to eat per Islam religion, is slaughtering.There is no way that Islam gives permission to people to hunt or kill animals except for those animals who ALLAH allowed Muslims to eat and those animals when endangering your life.

How do you know that people threat you badly?

if someone says to you "i will kill your family" or maybe "your as good as dead" something along those lines (killing usually.)

When did the Beluga Whale become endangered?

It became endangered on October,2008.I think it became endangered because the Arctic people kept on killing it.That was very tragic.If those Arctic people think about killing those poor whales,they have to think again because Beluga whales are very close to theor extinction and that isn't good.Step it up and save the Beluga whales.

Why were ports on the Black Sea more appealing to Russia than those on the Baltic?

They were more appealing because a lot of people wanted to go there