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iPhone 5 is Better than Samsung Galaxy 3.

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Which is better IPhone or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is way Better than Iphone.

What is better the Samsung Galaxy ace or the iphone 4?

Samsung galaxy ace is way better than the weird and useless IPhone 4!

What is better samsung galaxy note 2 or iPhone 5?

well in my opinion a Samsung galaxy note 2 is way more better I had the iphone 5 and trust me the Samsung galaxy is 1,000,000 better than the iphone 5

Is the Samsung Galaxy better than the iPhone 4S?

Samsung Galaxy What? S or S2 or The tablet. There are a millions of Galaxy kind.

Which is better iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy?

Samsung Galaxy s4 MAY be better than iPhone 5. iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy is hard to compare, but yet they're both still good, in MY opinion.

Is iPhone 4s better than Samsung Galaxy 3?

Yes. You can get more games on the IPHONE.

Is a iPhone bigger then Samsung Galaxy s4?

No, the Samsung Galaxy s4 is larger than the iPhone.

What phone is better Samsung Galaxy or iphone?

SAMSUNG is more better than Iphone. Iphone uses over 40 percent of samsung stuff, including the screen, speaker and more. Samsung was also the first company to make a waterproof phone and a foldable phone.

Is the iPhone 4 better than the galaxy?

No the iPhone is not better than the galaxy ad the galaxy Is not better than the iPhone but the Blackberry is better than both

Why Samsung is better than iPhone?

IPhone Is the winner for best internal speaker. Samsung Galaxy S5 Is the winner for fingerprint scanners. iPhone 6 has superior storage. Samsung Galaxy S5 has the best performance. IPhone 6 has the best camera and price.

Which phone is better Samsung galaxy s3 or iPhone 4S?

, Samsung Galaxy S 3 is better phone because there are a lot of things that you can on Samsung phones than iphone and apart from this according to current market people are moving to Samsung because if it features and durability.

Is the samsung galaxy s5 better than the iPhone 5s?

Yes, because Samsung galaxy phones have everything included. You don't have to download anything.

Is the iPhone 5 smarter than the samsung galaxy s4?

Samsung Galaxy s4 if you want to go by speed. iPhone 5 1.3GHzsamsung galaxy s41.9GHz

Is iPhone 4S better than the Galaxy S2?

No, Galaxy is better than iphone 4s

Which is better Samsung Grand Prime or Samsung Galaxy S3?

Some people think that Samsung Grand Prime is better than Samsung Galaxy S3. Some people thing that a Samsung Galaxy is better than a Samsung Grand Prime.

What is better the Samsung Galaxy ace or the Samsung Galaxy y?

The Samsung galaxy ace is bigger and better than the samsung galaxy Y I would recommend the galaxy ACE and recommend on Vodafone and O2

Is the samsung seek better than the iphone 4s?

In my opinion the Samsung Seek is not better than the Iphone 4s as it doesn not offer nearly as many features as the Iphone 4s. If you have a Iphone than you are much better off as the Samsung does not ahve great reviews.

What is better Samsung Galaxy s2 or htc sensation xe?

Htc sensation XE is better than samsung galaxy s2

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note better than the iPhone 4S?

Sumsung galaxyas star is bad no good but others is good and ok . Iphone .is bad because many wrongs .

Is the iPhone better than the Samsung Galaxy SII?

Well it depends on what ur planning on using it for and how much monay ut planning on using

Which is faster the Samsung android or the iPhone 4?

This depends on what Android phone you are referring to. Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III are much faster than the iPhone 4/4s. Any high-end Android phone from Samsung is likely to be must faster than the iPhone 4/4s.

Which phone is better HTC wildfire S or Samsung Galaxy Ace?

The HTC Wildfire S is a better phone than the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

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