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Is Selena Gomez in Justin Biebers video baby?


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No, Selena Gomez is not in Justin *super hot* Bieber's baby video.He wasn't going out with her then so didn't think of putting her in it.



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no. his girlfriend is Selena Gomez at the moment.

No because on the Video Music Awards Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissed on tv.

No. I believe not. But I saw that he arrived with Selena when she was going to do her music video.

yes because the girl in the music video looks like Selena Gomez

Recently there was a video of Justin talking about Selena and their breakup. Justin says he still loves Selena and is still upset with the breakup

You can video chat with Selena Gomez on her UStream channel.

Selena Gomez but she would decline that because he cheated on her and she broke up with him so I guess Jasmine in the video baby would be his second choice because he dated her while dating Selena>

well currently it's Selena Gomez but before her rumours spreaded that he he was dating his back up dancer in the music video "Baby" Jasmine Villages. but before that was Catilian Beadles.

she is not his girlfriend:)

NO he wasn't even though from the side it some how looked similar to Justin bieber it wasn't him.

Of course not. Why would someone think that. I have watched he video, it is untrue!

nobody knows what is Justin biebers next music video when ill know ill tell you i can know even befor him

because Miley Cyrus did a video mocking Selena Gomez

the girl from the 'Baby' video the song he did with Chris Brown, he kissed and dated the girl he was after in the video and Selena Gomez

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No, the girl in Forever or Never is not Selena Gomez.

So sick I'm Casey and I love Justin!!

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Well the Jonas Brothers asked Selena to be in the music video, I saw the video, and Selena was Nick's girl in the video.

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i think they are because i saw them kissing in a video and selena gomez got pist off

are you making a video to Selena Gomez if so why not just sing a song to her! and say nice thing to her and act her out and stuff! :)

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