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Q: Is Selena Gomez the person answering your questions on WikiAnswers?
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Why is WikiAnswers so evil?

Some questions on WikiAnswers are of no importance to the person asking and the person answering. Ask legitimate questions for legitimate answers.

How can a person become an Expert contributor in Wikianswers?

A person can become an Expert contributor in Wikianswers by asking and answering a lot of questions.

How smart is WikiAnswers?

depends on the person answering the question, wikianswers is not run by a computer, but people who know the answer can just answer questions themselves.

Do you charge for answers?

No. I am a regular person who loves answering questions. I do not pay a fee for this answer, you do not pay anything. I do not get paid for this answer, you do not. My job at WikiAnswers is to answer questions truthfully for you.

Who is the person answering all the questions on this website?

There is no one person answering questions, but many persons.

Who is Mr. math and what does he do?

dr.math is a person at home writting answering math questions dr.math is a person at home writting answering math questions dr.math is a person at home writting answering math questions

Is the person answering the questions gay?


How old is the person answering these questions?

It is not one person answering the questions. Many different people answer the questions. They are of many different ages, from young to old.

Are there experts answering questions?

Not always. Anyone can answer a question on WikiAnswers. You can look at the person who answered it at the bottom of the answer and check their profile. And look at the number of trust points they have earned and what they do for a living.

Is the interviewee is the person answering the interview questions?

Yes. The person asking questions is known as the interviewer.

Is this a computer answering you or a person?

It's other people answering the questions when they search through them :)

How many questions has the person who is answering this question answered so far?

How Many Questions Have You Answered?I am answering your question, and, as of now, I have answered 2,460 questions.

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