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Well i would say NO because he lost from undertaker in wrestle mania 26

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Q: Is Shawn michales returning to WWE?
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Is Shawn michales the best WWE superstar?

Shawn michales is the best wwe superstar in the world.

Is Shawn Michales returning to the WWE?

yeah just recoviring from brocken ribs PS he rules he wrestled with them broke

In WWE when will Shawn michales retire?

in 2020

Who is Shawn michales brother in WWE?

no one

Did Shawn michales retire frrom WWE?

Sorry, his contact was up!

Did Shawn Micheals leave the WWE after W25?

No Shawn Michales is expected to return around Summerslam as well as Undertaker

How long has Shawn michales wrestiled?

He joins in WWE in 1988 so . he wrest about 22 years. 

Is Shawn Michaels coming back to WWE?

No, Shawn Michaels will not be returning to WWE. He retired on March 28, 2010.

Does Shawn michales have cancer?

no we doesnt

Was it time for Shawn michales to leave the WWE?

Welll he was a hall of famer and I don't see edge around WWE and he is a hall of famer so yeah it was time for him to leave

Why Shawn michales left the WWE?

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, better known by his ring name, Shawn Michaels, retired from wrestling because he lost a career vs. streak match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI.

Where are undertaker and Shawn micheals they are not returning to WWE?

Undertaker is returning it's not like torrie Wilson leaving and not comming back that was a huge loss to WWE!