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Is Sheamus dating Kelly Kelly?


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No, Sheamus is not dating Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly is not dating Sheamus

Where did you here they were DATING?!?! Kelly Kelly has a boyfriend that works for a ompany in japan or something like that. Sheamus is not dating Kelly Kelly. They never have dated.

Kelly Kelly was dating former WWE/ECW superstar Test. But after his death, she is single. Kelly Kelly did not date Sheamus.

No, Kelly Kelly is not dating anyone in WWE.

He is currently dating. that did not answer the question the question is if he is WHO IS HE DATING if you say yes he is dating you got to know who?improve your answer

Kelly Kelly is currently dating Sheldon Souray.

Kelly Kelly Big show is married he is not dating Kelly

Kelly Kelly and Batista Dated before but they aren't dating no more.Go to reelwrestling.com and search about it there should be a video about them at the time when the were dating.

She is dating a pro football player

No Edge has a girlfriend. Kelly is dating Justin Gaberial

Katie Burchill, they have been have romantic moments behind the scenes. June 2010 that is a flat out lie!! they are not dating, nor do they even work together, Katie was fired before Sheamus was hired.

No, he is not married but he is dating Kelly Kelly. June 2010 - He is not dating Kelly Kelly and has never dated Kelly or any of the other divas!

No they are friends kelly is dating a hockey player and the miz is still dating Maryse

She isn't dating anyone in the WWE. Shes dating someone from los angeles

She has been dating a hockey player for the last two years

It is not known who, if anyone, Ryan Kelly is dating.

She is dating a Hockey player by the name of Souray

kelly clarkson dating with Rowan 'mr.bean' Atkinson

aj is dating daniel brian and jonh cena and cm puck and eve kelly kelly but she said no so now she not dating kelly kelly anymore but she is dating chris chorikol and she is a hoe.

She's Dating Cody Rhodes December 2009 No she is not Dating Cena he is married! No she is not dating Cody Rhodes, her boyfriend wrestlers for All Japan wrestling! Cody is not dating anyone John Cena and Kelly Kelly are dating! 2011

No he is single and has never dated beth or either Bella

She is dating a wreslter from the New Japan promotion I heard she's been dating a guy from England

She is currently dating a wrestler that works for New Japan Wrestling

No he is not dating kelly kelly he is dating Jo Jo offerman from Total divas watch it on E

She is dating a hockey player

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