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This very subject has been debated for years. I can tell with full confidence, that gunite is much better than shotcrete. Both are good depending on the builder.. I can tell you with full confidence, having worked for more than thirty years with both gunite and shotcrete that shotcrete is far superior to gunite. Shotcrete will test out stronger, to much room for human error with gunite.

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Q: Is Shotcrete or Gunite better to use when having a pool built?
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What is the average lifespan of a gunite pool?

The first gunite pool built in Salt Lake City Utah was built in 1957 and is still in use today.Kenny Kummer Brody Chemical

What do you look for in a gunite built pool?

Sturdy but can send off poisons

Can an inground vinyl pool be changed to a gunite pool?

Yes, this can be done however, basically the only thing you can use from your vinyl pool is the actual 'hole' and maybe equipment. The cost is not much less than having a new gunite pool built.

Does a gunite pool need to be sealed on the top edge A composite deck will be built right over the edge of the gunite. Does it need any kind of seal?


Are Concrete decks ever made with gunite?

Not when it's built by someone who knows what they are doing!

How do you make gunite?

Gunite, or more properly, "dry process shotcrete", is a cementious product consisting of cement, sand and water. The cement and sand are pumped dry through a series of rubber hoses by compressed air. The water is introduced at the end of the hose in the mixing nozzel and the material is sprayed out of the nozzle at high velocity onto the surface that it is being applied to. Gunite is widely used in the construction of swimming pools where it is sprayed onto the walls and floor to create the pool shell. It can be easily shaped to create steps, benches and other features found in pools. Gunite pros- it can be easily transported to job sites and only what is needed can be mixed, so there is little waste. Gunite cons- One property of gunite is called rebound. This is material that bounces back off the application surface as it is being applied. This material is weak and cannot be used in the structure being built. It must be removed and discarded.

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Which is the better choice for a new pool gunite or fiberglass?

Both pools have many features Both fiberglass and gunite swimming pools can have almost all the same custom accessories and great equipment. You can design any size or shape gunite pool shell and customize the surface to almost any color quite easily. A fiberglass pool shell manufacturer is like a boat dealer with a catalog of models produced and custom sizes are generally not available. A fiberglass pool can be installed a bit faster than a gunite pool but the major investment you will make in either project usually never warrants a decision based on a few weeks time built sooner. Your gunite pool can have a built in hot tub or water feature , but your fiberglass pool can also. You have more options with coping on a gunite pool than fiberglass, but your fiberglass pool can still be made to look like a gunite pool if you like. A fiberglass pool shell can have a lifetime warranty for factory defects and most gunite builders also offer a similar warranty, I always say though when is the last time you saw a defective bag of concrete or tub of fiberglass resin? The surfaces of both pools can be as diverse as the pools themselves, you can go with white polyester gel coat on fiberglass or white marcite on gunite, your choice can be a custom quartz finish with a fiberglass pool or a custom quartz finish with a gunite shell also, with each pool shell having a respective warranty for finish from as little as one year to as many as 10 full years or more. Both finishes are very dependent on your skills as a pool-owner to manage them, all information you learned when you bought your pool from a licensed , insured swimming pool professional. Fiberglass pool shells rarely get deeper than 8 foot the minimum standard for a diving pool, while a custom shell with gunite can be built to exceed many standards. The old myths of falty fiberglass and gunite swimming pools have been propagated by dealers long since gone out of business. If your looking for a reliable and safe pool that keeps its value backed by strong dealer sales and service networks fiberglass and gunite are equally great choices and readily available. It's never been a better time to be in the circle of pool ownership. good swimming

If part of a newly sprayed gunite pool shell is not identical to the opposite side can that portion be built up more to match or be redone?

If it is newly sprayed it should not be a problem.

Can you ruin your pool if you don't water the gunite when your pool is being built?

No the Gunite is the underlayer and base of your pool and has plenty of water in it when it goes on. Now your plaster which is the last coat and the part you swim in needs to be covered with water as soon as the cement workers are finished in order to dry properly. Kenny Kummer brody Chemical

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