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No, World of Warcraft is infinitely times better than lol, SRO.

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2009-02-05 21:15:52
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Q: Is Silk Road Online better than World of Warcraft?
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He patrols a path east of Bloodhoof Village, on the road to the barrens.

What is Dustwallow Marsh in World of Warcraft?

Dustwallow Marsh is a place in World of Warcraft located in Kalimdor. The only road entry way is through the Southern Barrens on the road to Thousand Needles - a fork in the road with one leading south and the other leading east. The eastern road takes you to the Dustwallow Marsh entrance. It is a level 30 - 40 zone with both Alliance and Horde towns Brackenwall Village (Horde) in the northwestern Dustwallow and Theramore Isle (Alliance) in the Southeastern Dustwallow. There is a flight path located in each of these towns and is also boat accessible to Alliance.

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