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Is Sims 3 out yet?

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The Sims 3 came out on the computer in 09 and is coming out on the xbox360, ps3, and Nintendo 3DS in the month of october in 2010.

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How do you get Christmas on Sims 3?

you can't get a sims 3 christmas yet.

Have they made The Sims 3 on PS2 yet?

The Sims 3 will not come out for the PS2

Is sims 3 on ds?

not yet...

How do you get poison in Sims 3?

No,not yet

How do you make your sim a cat on Sims 3?

Unfortunately there is no pets yet in Sims 3.

What is the rating for Sims 3 ds?

The sims 3 is not on the DS yet so there is no rating.

Will Sims 3 have pets?

No you can't have a pet in sims 3, there's no expansion pack for that yet.

Can you be a witch on The Sims 3?

Yes you can but that's when you have the sims 3 supernatural which has not come out yet but it will soon!:)

Is Sims 3 for the ds?

no, not yet at least. but i wouln't count on the sims 3 for the DS for a while

What is The Sims 3 like in terms of pregnancy?

I am not sure yet...It's not out yet...but I am sure that on the Sims 3 you will be able to have kids. But i am pretty sure the pregnancy will be more updated from the sims 2.

Can you use Sims 3 with a sims expansion pack?

Only if it is a Sims 3 expansion pack, which hasn't been released yet.

Is there a Sims 3 multiplayer?

Not yet, Sims is coming out with "Sims Online" it is in construction right now though.

Can What if your Sim Become A Werewolf On The Sims 3?

You can't become a werewolf on The Sims 3 yet OK.

Where can you buy Sims 3 for the DSi?

the sims 3 is not out on console yet. try looking next year.

How do you woohoo in the shower in the Sims 3?

idk if you can get naked in the sims 3 or any other sims game out there i might be wrong but they won't let you in the sims 2 sims 3 idk about the sims haven't played it yet

Can you have a flat on the sims 3?

Not yet but maybe later.

Is The Sims 3 available in PSP?

Not yet, but it might be.

How do you download the sims 3 generations on your iPod touch?

Thats a good question. I have sims ambitions, sims 3, and sims 3 world adventures on my Ipod. The app store doesn't have a sims 3 generations... yet. I hope this helped!

Cheats for Sims 3 to become a vampire?

Vampires are not yet in The Sims 3, maybe they will be after an expansion pack for that has come out like Nightlife in The Sims 2.

Can you drive a car on any Sims game?

not yet but it will become able in the newcoming sims 3

Is there a cheat that maximizes all skills on the sims 3?

Unfortunately there is no Sims 3 cheat that maximises all skills...yet.

Is Sims 3 on PS2?

Actually, sims 3 isn't even on PC yet! EA games claim that they will have sims 3 for PC in summer of 2009, so I'm sure after the sims 3 for PC comes out, they'll have sims 3 on ps2 soon after. But currently, no, they don't have sims 3 on ps2.

Is There Sim's Games For PlayStation 3?

No there is none yet but SIms 3 will come out for it?!

Is sims 3 for PSP?

No, it hasn't come out for psp yet.

Is sims 3 late night out yet?

it's out already

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