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NO Scottish money is not called pences England money is called pences.

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Q: Is Skottish money called Pences
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How many two pences in twenty pences?

10, thats like, 1st grade math:D

How many percent of copper is in your body?

not sure what is the copper percentage of 5 1 pences and 3 2 pences

How many 10 pences are there in 360p?


How much is 89000 10 pences?


How many pences in a dollar?

As of 21st June 2009, $1 = £0.61 (61p)

Napoleon 111 emperor a ring that engraved 1853 how much worth?

10 pences

How many 1 pences make 12 pounds?

1,200 = 12 x 100

How many 2 pences are in a pound?

There are 100 Pence to the British Pound, so there are 50 x 2 Pence in a British Pound.

What is finlands money called?

Finlands money is called eurosFinlands money is called euros

What is money called in Finland?

Finlands money is called eurosFinlands money is called euros

How many 5 pences are there in 16 pounds?

1 pound = 100 pence. You now have all the information required to work out, for yourself, the answer to this and similar questions.

What is the money called in brasilia?

The Money is called Real.