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Yes, It is. If you have heard of Windows Live Messenger it is a bit like that. You can block people off if you think they are unsafe.

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Skype is very easy to use on Linux systems. Skype has a Linux version for download on its website. Simply click on the 'download now' link and follow the on screen instructions.

Skype is well established and used by millions of people around the world. It is perfectly safe to download and use from their official site. (See links below)

Yes, the Skype video call is one of the safest features that you can ever use.

Yes. Skype is Safe and Secure!

You will need to use 3rd part add on such as TalkHelper video recorder for Skype which is totally free and easy to use.

Yes, Skype call is safe, it does not download any malicious viruses.

Yes, skype is completely safe as long as the user sticks to standard safety rules around strangers.

You can use Skype on most tablets through the Skype app.

Yes, My opinion is that they are safe. Im using this oneFree Video Call Recorder for Skype, and everything is OK.

Skype is a free-to-use application that you can download off the Skype website. You do not need to actually pay any money to use the Skype application.

If there talking to strangers then no, but if there talking to people they know outside of skype then it is perfectly ok. *they should be moniored on who there chatting to and you should explain to them about being safe on the internet*

no, you cannot use skype on the wii

easy his skype name is jake.short97 because he was born in 1997

Skype is easy to use for people that prefer to utilize Linux operating systems. All a person has to do is follow the instructions included on Skype's website that detail the entire process from download to troubleshooting.

Yes they are. They provide an easy and stress free way to communicate globally for free from the comfort of your own house if you wish or on the move.

Its actually easy. You just create an account and then log in with your webcam and have people go to a certain page to chat via webcams. It is that easy. I do it all the time

it's easy if you wont to make skype calls from psp you just plug in that's all.

You can use Wifi or 3G to use Skype on your Phone!

Yes, it is safe to use a fan for this. Jet fuel is not easy to ignite.

You have to be at LEAST 14 to start skype

To use skype, a person does not have to pay to use the site. However, if someone want to purchase products from skype, then they would have to pay for those.

I wouldn't do nudity since it is not monitored