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Yes, yes he is in love with her in kingdom hearts 2.


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Yes, because in Kingdom Hearts 1 Sora draws a picture of him giving Kairi a Papou fruit. Then in the end, when Kairi sees the picture she draws herself giving Sora one too. If that's not love, then what is.

Probably in the next kingdom heart games that involve them. Because if you go to the kingdom hearts wikia sites, they have proof that they love each other. go to and Read and it will say so.

omg isn't this seeable yes she does and sora likes her they kinda grew up together and riku likes to tease sora about it

Kairi, because Namine is for Roxas. anyways if you played kingdom hearts one and two you would know Kairi and Sora are made to be together. oh and if you played kingdom hearts 358/2 you know Roxas was in love with Xion but he forgot that after he falled a sleep in kingdom hearts 2 to help sora with the help of namine also if you need any more help find me at Quizlla as Shelka

Sora is the protagonist of kingdom hearts one and two. He is best friends with Kairi and Riku. He is the keyblade weilder. Kairi is one of Sora's best friends, andt hey both love each other.

Well Namine and Roxas are just friends so its no love probably like as a friend it has nothing to do with Kairi and Sora

No. Although Sora and Kairi are best friends, and are extremely close, Tetsuya Nomura (creator/character designer) has stated that there will be no in-game relationships. Nomura wants the idea of relationships to be the imagination of the fans, and not an element of the story.

Well yes and no. You see Sora and Kairi are best friends but it is hard to see the relationship ahead. In the opining video of Kingdom Hearts 2 you see them holding hands but that's not a pure sign yet. Maybe they do but we don't know for sure.

Its obvius she love sora

Not including the Disney ones (micky/Minnie ect.) Sora/Kairi and Roxas/Namine witch when you think about it is pretty much the same thing.

No. Riku and Sora both love Kairi.

They start out in love in the beginning of the game.

Sora hasn't kissed Kairi in any games yet, and he is not in love with Namine there for has never and will never kiss her.

Yeah, but it got back to Sora because of Kairi. Sora WAS a Heartless when he saved Kairi, but Kairi protected his Shadow Heartless form with her love and pure light and brought him back, the first ever as far as anyone can tell.

not just like they LOVE each other:)

Yes, Sora was in love with Kairi.Sora and Riku were both in love with her and always battled for her attention.

Ok so roxas does not technically love kairi. Roxas lives in sora and Namine lives in Kairi. Roxas loves Namine both of them are nobody's that have survived the darkness and have come to the light.

Of course he loves her! Otherwise he wouldn't have went out of his way to find her and save her!

Although the director of the series, Tetsuya Nomura, has stated that there are no in-game relationships, there is evidence to support a theory of love between Sora and Kairi that goes past common friendship. There is argument that they are merely best friends, but according to evidence shown in the game, Sora and Kairi might both have some romantic feelings for each other. Although it is entirely mutual, here is some of the evidence from Kairi's side:During the sunset before the Heartless invasion of Destiny Islands, Kairi tells Sora "Don't ever change."When Sora sacrifices his own heart to restore hers, Kairi is visibly shaken and refuses to believe that Sora may be dead, shouting "No, he can't be. I won't let him go!"During their escape from Hollow Bastion on the first visit, Kairi hugs Sora (who is still a Heartless) to protect him while she, Donald, and Goofy are attacked by numerous Shadows.When Sora decides to go back to Hollow Bastion for Riku, Kairi gave him her lucky charm and tells him "Don't ever forget. Wherever you go, I'm always with you."In the ending sequence to the first Kingdom Hearts, she is genuinely moved to tears after seeing that Sora had made the drawing of him extending a Paopu Fruit to her in their Secret place. After that, she draws herself giving Sora a Paopu fruit.Throughout Chain of Memories, though she doesn't physically appear, her image spurred Sora on and even Naminé said that she was "the one he truly cared for" when she apologized for re-writing his memories of her.She wouldn't go to the small island until she remembered everything about Sora.Almost immediately after her communication with Roxas, she sent adrift to sea a letter she wrote for Sora the day before.After telling her story to the Twilight Town Trio, Olette comments "What a romantic story!"While imprisoned in World That Never Was, she blamed herself for the Organization going after Sora.When trying to escape with Naminé and asked by Saïx if she wanted to see Sora, she replies "I do, more than anything."When she finds Sora, she attempts to attack the Shadow Heartless unarmed while trying to assist him.When they reunite, Kairi quickly runs over and hugs Sora to make sure that he is really there.Shortly after, if a player talks with Kairi, she says "I wanted to see you so badly. I missed you so much!" to Sora.While escaping from the Castle That Never Was, Kairi tells Roxas and Naminé that she and Sora will be together every day.Here is some evidence from Sora's side:Riku tosses Sora a Paopu fruit and says "C'mon, I know you wanna try it," after explaining the legend.He became visibly flustered and embarrassed when Riku said that the winner of their race would share a paopu fruit with Kairi, and gave Riku a dirty look afterwards.He draws himself giving her a Paopu fruit in their Secret Cave, which is a symbol between lovers on their world.He willingly stabbed himself with the Keyblade of People's Hearts to release Kairi's heart, knowing what would happen to him in the process.Upon being restored by Kairi from his Heartless form, Sora tenderly embraces and thanks her.After sealing Kingdom Hearts, Sora tells Kairi "I'm always with you too. I'll come back to you, I promise!"When Sora, Donald, and Goofy first go to The Pride Lands (they turned into animals, Sora was a lion cub) Donald said to Sora, "If Kairi saw you she would think you were cute!" and Sora blushed.In Riku's story of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, a cutscene shows Larxene telling Naminé that her work will eventually make Sora forget about Kairi. Naminé states, however, that his feelings for her will only grow stronger.When Naminé admits that she and Sora were never friends, Sora sadly replies, "We were never anything... more than that, either"; as Sora's memories of Kairi had been replaced with false ones of Naminé, his feelings for Kairi had effectively transferred to Naminé.In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Xion takes Kairi's form because of Sora's strong feelings for her.During Kairi's telepathic meeting with Roxas, he tells her "I know you. You're that girl he (Sora) likes."He blushes after seeing Will and Elizabeth hug in Port Royal, thinking of Kairi. Donald and Goofy notice this and tease him, and he covers his face in embarrassment.He becomes deeply saddened when he hears of Kairi's kidnapping by Axel and blames himself for allowing it to happen.During the Heartless Invasion of Hollow Bastion, Sora gets down on his knees and begs Saïx to take him to Kairi. Beforehand, Saïx asked "Is she that important to you?" and Sora replied "More than anything."He imagines himself dancing with her after the second visit to Halloween Town.When they reunite in the World That Never Was, Kairi quickly runs over and hugs Sora, who hugs her back after recovering from his shock.In the World That Never Was, as Ansem sacrifices himself, Sora attempts to protect Kairi from the bright light by wrapping his arm around her.She is frequently identified as his most important person, and his light.

yes Kiri does love Sora in the end of kingdom harts 2 you can see it in her eyes

no they are not the same......? but how come they sora changes into him in sora and kiris love story EDIT: yes they technically are the same person but sora is a complete being roxas is just a shell well they do have the same DNA but theres a 50 50% chance that there the same

Kingdom Hearts 2 is a good game it is about 3 friends named Sora (you), Kairi, and Riku. They all got split up so sora wakes up in a mysterious place and gets jumped on by Donald and Goofy, they all get to know each other and go on a journey to find Kairi, Riku, and King Mickey. You fight "Ansem" in Kingdom Hearts 1, then fight all of this organization called Organization XIII or 13.They are 1:Xemnas 2:Xigbar 3:Xaldin 4: Vexen 5:Lexaeus 6:Zexion 7:Siax 8:Axel 9:Demyx 10:Luxord 11:Marluxia 12:Larxene 13:Roxas, Sora's nobody. It is a sad game , but VERY fun! A game based on a kids life of friendship, hope and LOVE (4 Kairi) as Sora(you) travels to other worlds seeking his best friend (Riku) and the girl of his dream (kairi/namine). Now why i said kairi/namine is because they r the same person in a way. When kairi lost her heart in kh1 namine was created and she kept a secret from who she was only diz(secretly ansem the wise) and she knew. Roxas was createdwhen sora gave up his heart to free kairis from inside him. Roxas became a member of orgionization XIII and became best friends with axel. IN kh 358/2 days ind the secrets of Roxas in his life of org XIII when sora was sleeping after kh chain of memories. So the story of sora lives on as we get to te new story kh birth by sleep and also a new kh recconeted where sora must reconnect everything he had done before with the help of (donald and goofy or its kairi and riku) he will fill in the pieces again and see his old friends again.

No ridiculous question ! Some people do HATE Kingdom Hearts BUT I LOVE KINGDOM HEARTS!!

Yes, yes she does love him, and if they were at the same age they would be in love with each other and kissed each other, because they have so much in common with each other and that is all for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its most likely, because Kairi and Sora love each other and since Roxas and Namine are their nobodys its most likely.

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