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Is Sprite as bad for you as Pepsi and Coca-Cola?

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* The only difference is that Sprite is caffeine free. It is better for you. Also, it's clear and easier for your body to digest. * They are all 'empty' foods which do nothing for your health or nutrition. But they taste good if you like that sort of thing. Answer: I think it's not because it has no food coloring. I know the red food coloring in cherry flavored Rolaids has aluminum, which is an enemy of calcium. Some think aluminum contributes to Alzheimer's Disease.

2007-09-17 04:23:16
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Example of soda beverage?

Sprite, CocaCola, and Pepsi are a few.

Does pepsi And cocacola and sprite have a same ingredient?

Yes and also diet mtn dew

Which soda has the more fizz sprite or pepsi?

sprite and pepsi

Is Sprite a Pepsi Cola product?

no sprite is not a pepsi cola product

Which soda stains an egg the pepsi or cocacola?

coke, but pepsi will probably do it as well

Which one has the most soda pop sprite or pepsi?

* * Between Sprite & Pepsi ........ SPRITE has more soda!!

Why does sprite fizz up more than pepsi?

why sprite fizzs up more than pepsi is because sprite has more carbination in it then pepsi

What liquid is black?

pepsi, cocacola, grape juice

Which has more fizz sprite or pepsi?


What soda has more fizz sprite or pepsi?

Pepsi = not soda Neither is Sprite. They're pop!

Why does pepsi fizz more than sprite?

And sprite has fizz

What soda will fizz more sprite or Pepsi?

sprite because in 6th gr. i did it and it was sprite

What drink is more tasty Sprite or Pepsi?

There's no accounting for taste. Some like Pepsi and others like Sprite.

Pepsi or sprite which one spews the most amount of foam?


Is pepsi thicker than sprite?

I think its thin like sprite

What is better for you sprite or pepsi?


Is sprite a Pepsi product?


Does an ice cube melt faster in sprite or pepsi?

Well it is sprite cause it is more bubbly but pepsi tastes much better.

Did joe drink coke or sprite and then burp in santas clause movie?

Cocacola i believe

Selling of sprite bottle 2008 in Tamil nadu?

how many bottles did cocacola company sell of brand sprite in the year 2008 in tamilnadu

Does sprite have less carbon dioxide than coca cola?

no cocacola has 10% more carbin dioxide than sprite or seven-up

Witch soda will make you burp the most coke pepsi sprite?

sprite (to me) :)

Why do Pepsi has more acid than sprite?

Because its mento soda and sprite

Pepsi coke or sprite which one spews the most amount of foam?

It will be pepsi because it is more stronger and when you shake it up u will actually get more out of the pepsi coke instead of the sprite.

What explodes more coke or pepsi or ice tea or sprite with a mento?