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Scottish Standard Grade slightly easierThe Scottish Standard Grade, is slightly easier than the English GCSE Though the Scottish Higher and Advanced higher are harder than the English A levels etc.

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IGCSE maths is allot more difficult then GCSE maths and so is any grade you wish to obtain. A C grade at GCSE is roughly 35% whilst at GCSE is 60%

I have recently looked into this option as i am a student in the higher end of high school. I looked into it and found you need to get at least a C for GCSE and to get into a good university to study teaching you need to be getting high grades too!Further education· teaching degree· do a subject you like then do a PGCE (takes one more year than a teaching degree)QualificationsGrades neededA GCSE (or standard equivalent) in EnglishGrade CA GCSE (or standard equivalent) in mathematicsGrade CA GCSE (or standard equivalent) in a science subject if you want to teach primary or key stages 2/3Grade CA UK first degree (or equivalent qualification) if you want to take a postgraduate teacher training coursePassso if you are interested i would sure give it a go!

It's an alternative course which enables you to achieve a grade which is equivalent to a GCSE grade but it only being based on Coursework. It also involves the student more, because it usually is more practical.

Your school may offer you the option of taking a GCSE short course in certain subjects. GCSE short courses are the equivalent of half a standard GCSE. The same grading standards apply i.e. A* to G. Applied GCSEs are assessed mainly by coursework, as their name implies these qualifications put a more practical than theoretical emphasis on learning, aimed at increasing interest in, and access to, education for those who are perhaps less academically inclined. For More information see GCSE short course link.

As their name suggests, predicted GCSE grades are estimates made by your teacher of how well you will perform in your GCSEs. These predictions are made based on the standard of your GCSE coursework and (in most schools) what marks you scored in your mock exams. For more information see Predicted Grades link.

In short - Yes. Most people are aware that there are a number of "core" subjects which students need to study in order to gain good college and university places, and to succeed in the work place. Typically, GCSE English, GCSE Maths and the GCSE dual Science syllabus are the "big three" subjects in this respect, and most employers and further or higher education establishments stipulate grade C or above for GCSE Maths, GCSE English and GCSE dual science as the syllabus for each of these subjects is considered to teach students skills which are vital for all aspects of life. For more information see Which GCSEs should I take link.

In the Art world? well... it doesn't really matter than much about the GCSE, it matters more about the grade you get in A-level which defines what you can be!?! and also there are different types of subject, photography, fine art, mixed media... etc... anything really!

german is a more regocnisable subject if you can do it.. but it doesnt matter, do what you will get the better grade in

While this question relies on personal opinion, I'd say you can feel more accomplished if you get a low grade in a difficult class but still manage to pass. Getting a high grade in an easy class may look good on your transcript, but knowing you put in the hard work and effort to make it through the difficult class is more fulfilling.

Standard deviation calculation is somewhat difficult.Please refer to the site below for more info

IS 2062 is not a grade. This is Indian standard which covers more than 80 different grades. It is impossible to find ASTM equivalent for a standard in a whole.

they should not know till 4th grade

If you will only do one of them, do that which teaches you more (the more difficult of them) or do the one where you are getting a poorer grade)

Because if you take GCSE you will have more opportunities to get in the university in Europe. But if you have the Change to do IGCSE then go for that its not that different but its a preferable side. :)

yes becasue with out good gcse u wont be able to do ur a levels

Well in my school we have 10 gcse subjects four of them we can choose (maths, english and science are compulsury) some gcses are worth half a gcse, depending in what set your in say id you were in a top set you are more likely to get that extra gcse as you are capable of doing it. Hope this helps :)

It is possible, but it is more difficult to get scouted as a junior on jv than on varsity.

Yes, you can but it will be more difficult obviously and all the preparation to transfer etc will be a very complex process

The cithar was a variety of lyre used by the ancient Greeks. It was much larger, more elaborate, and more difficult to play than a standard lyre.

By having a grade B-A in GCSE PE you can obtain a career in teaching PE You can also qualify for: Physio Mental trainer Motivator for famous athletes Athlete Athletics groupie - keep athletes organised Fitness trainer (personal trainer) Manager of an athlete Young coach for small children And many more.....

Typically, it's not that they grade harder, it's that the expected standard of education that students must achieve is higher. This is why colleges and universities are referred to as institutions of higher learning. The higher the standard the more prepared students will be when they enter the workforce.

Broken Orange Pekoe SouchongMixed.Orange pekoe is a standard grade of tea. Souchong is a grade made from larger, more mature leaves. Souchong is usually considered lower grade, but is lower in caffeine and stronger in flavor, and can be desirable in certain cases.

Try to pick something with a variation of notes, that maybe modulates, and is generally quite a hard piece. Maybe pick something with a difficult key? The more complicated the piece is, the more marks you are likely to get for the performance.

Your good grade will result more from the skill with which you sculpt, than from the skill with which you select a subject to sculpt. Any subject sculpted beautifully enough will become a beautiful sculpture. My personal choice would be to select your favorite superhero from the Avengers movie, and sculpt him or her. Your mileage may vary.

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