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No she's not. It's an actress out of NY who I know from college.

IMDB credits Dayci Brookshire for the role.

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Who is voice is the cat in the radio shack commercial?

Not sure -- but I wonder if it's Dayci Brookshire (voice of the pothole in the Geico commercials)?

Is Brittany Murphy the pothole voice on the geico commercial?

No it's Dayci Brookshire (NY indie actress. Her full resume is on IMDB).

Whose voice is the pothole in the geico ad?

Thanks for the info!!

Who is the voice in the talking pothole commercial?

The voice from Geico's talking pothole commercial was Dayci Brookshire. Brookshire has been in numerous films, TV shows, commercials, and theater productions.

Who plays the voice of the geico pothole?

Dayci Brookshire (NY indie actress...her full resume is on IMDB).

Who does the voice for the pothole for geico insurance ads?

I think it's Brittany Murphy (Luanne Platter on King of the hill.

Who does the camels voice in Geico commercial?

Chris Sullivan is the voice of the camel in the Geico commercial Happier than a Camel on Wednesday. Some people find the voice annoying, but most find this commercial their best one yet.

Who does the piggy's voice in Geico commercial?

Sandman from MW3.

Is Emily Proctor the voice of the GEICO pothole?

Nope...Dayci Brookshire (NY indie actress...her full resume is on IMDB).

Garrett Morris VOICE on the Walton's Geico commercial?


Who is the voice of maxwell the pig in the Geico commercial?

David Spade

Who is the voice Maxwell the pig in Geico commercial?

David spade

Whose voice is the pothole on the Geico ad?

Dayci Brookshire (indie actress from NY who does great accents). Her full resume is on IMDB.

Who is the voice on geico pothole?

Dayci Brookshire (you can see her full resume on IMDB). She's an indie actress from NY that does great accents.

Who is the voice of grandpa on the Geico Waltons commercial?

Grandpa Walton (Will Geer)

Who is voice of caller Steve on Geico commercial?

I would assume, Steve.

Does actress Annie potts do the voice over in the Geico commercial?

I do not believe that is her voice. I believe it is the voice of voice actor DC Douglas.

Who is the voice of the pig in Geico commercial?

I am trying to verify it, but read that it's David Spade.

What is the pigs name in Geico commercial?

The pigs name on the Geico commericals is Maxwell. Maxwell is a pig that catchpharse is "wheeeeeewhewhewheeeeeee". The has a high pitch voice when he is saying his catchphares, but he actual has a very deep voice.

Is david spade the voice of the pig on the Geico commercial?

It was at first but then he got fired. Dont remember why.

Who is the actor in the Geico man made of money commericials?

The name of the actor in the GEICO Man Made of Money commercial is not stated. It is stated that Jake Wood a British actor is the current voice of the GEICO gecko.

Who is the voice of the little piggy in the Geico commercial?

It sounds like David Spade, but don't know for sure.

Who is the voice supposed to be of in the drill sargent making a good therapist Geico commercial?

R. Lee Ermey

Who is voice is that playing the pothole in the emergency roadside gieco commercial?

Dayci Brookshire (NY indie actress...her full resume is on IMDB).

Who does Voice Over for kaiser permante commercial?

Voice and pronounciation sound very much like Stephanie March