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Is Stephens Johnson Syndrome an ongoing condition that will never go away?


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October 13, 2007 3:11PM

I suffered terribly from this condition and almost died. I blew up like a purple Michelin man, my skin peeled 3 times, my feet cracked so terribly I could not walk for weeks.

I lived, I was told, because my skin peeled, but was also told that 85% of people that get this die.

I have had residual effects ever since, like feet neruoropthy and constant fuzzy fellings on the bottom of both feet. Also, I have not had any real restful sleep for many years. And I feel my central nervous has been affected. No one told me there would be any lasting effects. I just was lucky to live.

I was told that my condition was caused by a severe allergic reaction to VANCOMYCIN antibiotic that I administerd at home because of an open wound I had for 8 weeks following surgury for a mangled rotator cuff tendinitis.

Then I was put on Prednizone to counteract the Stephens Johnson Syndrome and not weened off of that properly and put back on, and then became a 3 30/70 humilin diabetic.

What a horror story. Will I have residual effects from this forever?